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Saturday, April 2, 2011


Just took the hottest bath I could stand and covered these huge welts with cortisone cream. Usually this gives relief for 3 hours. I have been totally unfamiliar with this condition. Did think you had blisters on your skin. I have no blisters "thank goodness" just huge red and swollen patches that itch and are painful. Started at the middle of back waistline. Now has progressed to hip and some on my stomach. At this point I will not go on pain medication. Want nothing else in my system as the poison ivy medication and shot are almost out of my system So, will see what happens. Sky, when I will try some of your lotion. I am told this could be weeks or months of this condition and then after many months I can get a shot to prevent it happening again. I will add that never in a million years did a condition like this enter the mind of this One Woman Thank you for all of the encouragement and kind comments I just came inside from filling bird feeders. I do know that I feel better when I am surrounded by nature.
A beautiful day is in progress and I will spend much time in my garden and walking the paths in the woods.

I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and have my senses put in order
~~~John Burroughs~~


Tabor said...

If my memory serves me correctly it is a resurrection of small pox that you had as a child only much harsher. It somehow lies dormant and affects us years later. There are vaccinations that they recommend for people over 55-60(?) to take. We have not taken ours...but now you make me think we should!

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, you are correct on all.
I just never gave this a thought.
After I have healed and months later I can get the shot.
Stress is a prime factor for this.
Guess that is me. I moved to the woods to help. Wonder at times if I am doing good? Waiting for news of that new baby....

Balisha said...

Hi Ernestine...I can imagine what you are going through. Joe was so miserable when he had them. He did get a medication that helped.Please take care and try to enjoy the outdoors if that gives you peace...Balisha

judemiller1 said...

The same chicken pox we had as kids has now returned as Shingles. I have not had the vaccination for it either, but am re-thinking that. I am so sorry--it is just something you have to wait out for it to leave.

LauraX said...

Been thinking about you and praying for your healing dear one. Gabapentin did help me with the nerve pain when my shingles were severe (if you do decide to go that route)....also antiviral medication...but mostly time.

Sending you love xoxo

Lonely Rivers said...

So glad you are in a place that soothes you. We breathe in everyday. Everyday. Rest,restore, revive. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, since I was treating myself for poison ivy for almost 2 weeks it is too late for any other medication. Judy, Laura and LR - thanks for visiting..

the wild magnolia said...

Very sorry to hear of this. I had shingles several years ago. Steroids was the medication for me. Ugh.

You are living a kind, compassionate, nurturing life. You give good to man and beast and earth. You are doing good.

Blessings this day are sent in prayer and thought.

Sending feel betters! Take good care of you.

Megan said...

Ouch! Might be a good time to get to know St. John's Wort tincture, if only by reading about it. It helps immensely with pain and subjugating the virus, or such is my experience the last 5 years.

St. J's Wort is a strong antiviral herb and you can use it both externally and internally (check drug interactions first).

The alcohol tincture can sting on the skin, but later provides relief. Some prefer the oil, but not me.

Here's a few noncommercial links to start with, if you're interested:

(see the 5th paragraph of that last link)

Take care!

Cape Cod Kitty said...

So sorry you have to del with this....LM had Shingles about 7 months ago. He still feels twinges in the spots but now the real pain is gone. He'd not had the shot either. Now he will get it soon.
Soothing thoughts and wishes for you.

Freda said...

Sorry to hear you have shingles, it can be a horrible illness for some time, though my husband was lucky to have a milder dose. Hope yours heals soon.

Sky said...

my "blisters" did burst in time. someone told me to be careful not to spread any of the fluid from these because that could cause more "blisters." i never checked that out for authenticity, but i was very careful not to spread it. cortisone cream did not help me at all, but the sarna DID. it was so cooling, and i could use it as often as i liked. if the blisters spread toward your bottom, disinfect the seat of the toilet after every use to be sure not to spread it further. i am so sorry you are going through this.

Mildred Garfield said...

sorry to hear that you are having a hard time.

A close friend of mine had the shingles and because I saw what she was going through I got the shot.

It was costly but I feel, a necessary expense.

Hope time and whatever your doctor recommends helps you.

One Woman's Journey said...

Everyone thank you for commenting
Still battling only now it has moved. After the recommended time I will get a shot. Just never entered my mind that I would get something like this.