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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Color Green

As day breaks and I look out the window
This shade of green is beyond description
In a number of weeks it will be harvest time
and this green field will have a golden color

38 degrees in the woods
Spring like weather has left for a few hours

I read that the color green soothes, relaxes mentally and physically
Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety
Offers a sense of renewal, self control, and harmony

At the moment with healing from shingles and also ER visit yesterday for splinter
in thumb nail (need to garden with gloves on)
I am pleased that One Woman is surrounded by the color green


Tabor said...

Enough of these hospital visits already! Sit on that porch and enjoy your lovely spring. I was hiking yesterday and saw a lovely green field like this. It was just a cover crop I am thinking. Hoping the shingles disappear...I think I said from small pox(?) but I should have typed chicken pox if I did.

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, I agree - can hardly type with this big bandage. I NEVER WEAR GLOVES- SPREAD MULCH, DIRT, EVERYTHING WITH MY BARE HANDS - NO MORE. A splinter went under my thumb nail -way in.
They had to cut it out and give me anitbiotic IV.
I am happy but sad at the moment if this makes sense.
Shingles has shifted to my bottom area :) Beautiful baby - loved the picture. Thank you for your kind comments :)

Sky said...

oh, lordy, ernestine! i may just have to insist that you come here to visit for a few weeks until we can adjust your karma! :)) you are getting into wayyyy too much trouble lately!

well, what you described above sounds like it would have hurt a good bit! so sorry. hope you are on the mend soon. also hope you are getting some relief from the discomfort.

judemiller1 said...

Your thumb is going to be really sore for many days--under the nail? Yikes! Shingles? Double yikes. You gotta get well--spring is on the way and so much to do.

One Woman's Journey said...

Sky and Judy thank you for your kind words.
Sky, I have no blistering. Just huge red welts. Doctor said blistering was inside. Anyway I will be fine and will start wearing gloves...

Beverly said...

Bring on the green....especially with the storms from yesterday! Hope you are feeling much better....

Freda said...

You are doing very well to garden with shingles. Take care!

One Woman's Journey said...

Freda, I just came inside. Cool but the sun is shining. Put my gloves on and held my little hand clippers. I cannot stay inside. I love being outside.
Beverly, oh yes....

Terra said...

Ah, this shade of green is a restful tone. I associate rich green with Wisconsin, where I grew up.
I read your comment here and hope your finger and the shingles clear up soon. Guess what I was doing a few minutes ago? Gardening without gloves!

the wild magnolia said...

Green is gorgeous and healing and great to see.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care of you!

I am sending positive energies to sweep away whatever is rattling your cage these days! You need an outbreak of good things to overtake you! :)

Love the tulips in the header!

mermaid said...

Oh, that green and bright purple infuse my being with life. Your pictures are breathtaking!

I wish your splintered thumb and burning skin much peace.

Sharon said...

You have green ~ my favorite color! Please remember your gloves and heal quickly because Spring has arrived:)

Wishing you health and strength ~

lilalia said...

Sorry to hear about your health issues, but if anything can heal it is the salb of springtime on your soul. All the best in getting better.

LauraX said...

Green is also the color associated with the heart chakra...and your heart is as verdant and full of life and love as any I have ever come in contact with!!!

May you continue to enjoy the blessing of green pastures, and for-rests that allow you to heal, one day, one moment, one breath at a time.

Lonely Rivers said...

Did you take yourself to the ER or did you have some help?

One Woman's Journey said...

Everyone thank you for your comments.
LR - drove myself - no family near and I am reminded by them that I chose to move to the woods :)