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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Early Morning Thoughts

Meditation is not a hobby. It is important to address the problems of the world, of our society, to express our understanding through compassionate action. But if the world is truly to be a place of peace then we need to understand our own minds. Because what is happening "out there" is simply a manifestation of what is happening in the mind. ~Joseph Goldstein~

Five Rules For Happiness

Free your heart from hatred (forgive)
Free your mind from worry - most never happen
Live simply and appreciate what you have
Give more
Expect less

~copied and among my special quotes~

The expect less is on my mind a lot. I cannot expect the attention I sometimes desire from my children. They have busy lives and mom chose to move to the woods.
Especially true through this last experience of shingles and sciatic nerve problem.
Guess I had a needy spirit.

Kaveri, your recent comment about my leaving the city and returning to my home place - touched my heart.
You are so talented with words...
"from city to country
external to internal
material to earth
fear to love"

Wherever you are on this planet
May you have a day filled with happiness
health, safety and peace.....


Tabor said...

What you said so mirrors my life as well. Except that my (one of my) children are not as polite as yours...guess I missed the boat on that. But I do have lots of polite birds visiting!

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, thank you. Almost felt reluctant to express that thought.
But I need to be honest.
Have a good day. Chilly here and a lot of errands - cane beside me for balance :)

judemiller1 said...

I know some girls that call their mother's every day--my girls do not. Even when I lived alone, they did not. I just have to remember that I taught them to be independent women and not worry about me. I suppose I taught them too well?

the wild magnolia said...

I so appreciate this post. Meditation, happiness, and expecting less.

Kaveri's recent comments were profound insight!

Your post is useful to my life! Thank you so much!

Wishing good things to settle in your life.

LauraX said...


thank you for sharing these beautiful quotes, your journey, your heart!

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, Sandra and Laura, thank you so much for visiting...