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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Never A Dull Moment

Torrential rains,high winds and lightning
for several days and nights
Ground saturated
Gutters on cottage are running over
filled with tree debris
During break yesterday picked up many
wheel barrow loads of limbs
Iris are blooming and beautiful
A huge old tree by walk to terrace will
have to come down
Damaged during construction
kept thinking it would live
I will miss it
May be cut down on Friday
I find this sad..
A visitor keeps digging under
the concrete pad the air conditioner sits on
Have filled the hole many times and put some
discouraging items in the hole
Has not worked as another big hole this morning
Callie is not outside at night and that is when
it visits
Would not want her to get hurt...
A call and a blessing
County Animal Control is bringing live trap
when rain ceases
I think it is a groundhog mama that is trying
to make it her home
Will see if I am correct
Do not want to have "it" tunnel under cottage
Image of Fuchsia plant on screen porch
taken while in a position that I was hopeful
I could get back up ...


Balisha said...

Hi Ernestine...I've been thinking about you with all the storms down your way. We just have rain and cool weather.
Your iris is beautiful.
Will the removal of the tree help keep limbs out of your gutters?
Our yard is starting to get really needs mowing, but the rain just won't stop long enough to dry it out.
Have a nice evening...Balisha

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, this tree had no leaves this Spring. Gutters cleaned of leaves in the fall but this is from all the surrounding trees.
I know I downscaled in everyway and thought by the woods with small yard, garden and natural surroundings I would have less work. No so :) But then if I did not work outside, garden, write and take pictures between when family visits - what would I do :)
I can see I just need to start having a little more help outside
Thanks for checking on me. Have a good night....

Tabor said...

For your unwanted visitor you might try pinesol or ammonia soaked rags or perhaps moth balls in or near the hole. If it rains you will have to replace the rags.

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, have tried the ammonia and moth balls, did not help...
Later today someone should come with a live trap. Hopefully it is caught and no more show up. Now my heat - which house was 63 and I thought I would take the chill off - will not come on. Last year frogs were the problem :)
The joy of living in the woods.

kerrdelune said...

Your flowers are lovely, and I wish you well in the groundhog undertaking. How well I know the feeling of getting down to take a photo, then struggling to get up.