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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Early Cold Morning Treasures

38 degrees and an early morning walk
revealed the beginning of my garden
May Apples are blooming but it was
difficult for me to get a good image
If I got down on the damp woods ground
was wondering "could I get back up"
Trilliums are beautiful
first yellow rose is struggling to open
and first iris does not look cold at all

One Woman put up her heavy jackets and gloves
anticipating warm weather
they were retrieved this early morning

Warmer weather and sun today.....


Balisha said...

It's cold here this morning too. I had to bring out some of the winter things again and put another light blanket on the bed.
I love your May Apples. They have a woods full of them down the road from us. My little boy used to say that fairies and gnomes lived under them.Sweet thoughts from a little boy whose 43rd birthday is next week...Balisha

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Honey I do wish for you warmer days now than what you have at the present. I can not imagine 38 degrees in April. lol
I was chilly at 60 this morning. Strange weather this past winter hope summer is better.
Enjoy your garden it will be really blooming in another week or so.

Beverly said...

yes, it is very chilly here too. I want to work in the yard today, so hope it warms up....the pictures are very pretty...Hope the crabby old shingles go away soon....

Tabor said...

The days are so fickle. Sometimes cool and then I remove my jacket and the warm sun makes me wish I had short sleeves and then in an hour a cold wind is blowing me back into the house!

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, Maggie, Tabor and Beverly - thanks for visiting.
Turned out to be a beautiful sunny day....

Megan said...


Your pictures are gorgeous!

LauraX said...

beautiful! cold here last night...heat came on, but going up to 60 today, woohoo...of course I'll be in the house making ready for guests!...maybe take a few moments to just sit out on the front step:-)

Cape Cod Kitty said...

How lovely to have that beautiful early morning walk. Thank you so much for that little tour of the flowers. The woodland garden is a particular love of mine.
Wishing you further ease in your battle with the shingles.