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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Smile - A New Day Is Beginning

One day
snow covered ground

Food a must
healthy thoughts
even in her hibernation

Nestled in the fruit bowl
one small butternut squash

Perfect for evening and a lunch

Blender whirling
cooked squash, carrot, celery, onion
oh - don't forget the garlic

Simmered to perfection
blend of cream and milk

Served with special bread
olive oil, tea

And homemade orange cookies

Sometimes the simplest
Meal is the best

Sun to shine

Quick - meditation and yoga

Oats, fruit and tea

bird feeders to be refilled
snow to melt
more grass seed spread
limbs to be picked up


A beautiful new day
at the edge of the woods

Is beginning


Tabor said...

You are up early like me...still dark out although now the sun is behind the gray clouds.

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, yes the morning is a gift to me. Love early morning and up before dawn. Looks like my snow will melt. Have a great day!!!

the wild magnolia said...

The living of a day, beauty poem! Good words, good thoughts, we have reason to smile.

Thank you for sharing!

Blessings to you this file day, a new beginning indeed! :)

Beverly said...

So glad you are having a nice hibernation. This weekend will be for outside....warming up briefly.My word verification is "manga"..... :) so eat up all that yummy food!

Sharon said...

I wish I had the early-morning gene. I am slow to get started in the morning and then stay up very late at night. I have made your squash soup so I know what a wonderful winter's day meal that is. Enjoy!

Lonely Rivers said...

As they say, "I love me my mornings!"

One Woman's Journey said...

WM, Beverly, Sharon and LR - thanks for visiting...

teri said...

I am enjoying today's sunshine as well. Your thoughts for lunch sounded yummy. xo

Sky said...

glad to read about this beautiful new day! mine started much later! ;)

Balisha said...

I'm an early bird too. I love squash soup...I could make a meal of it. Sometimes I even eat soup for breakfast :) We often have it at night while watching TV. Enjoy your evening...Balisha

mermaid said...

A poem of your day, lovingly expressed and fresh with simple pleasures of nature, good food, and the passage of time.

One Woman's Journey said...

-teri, Balisha
Mermaid - thanks for visiting

Barbara Blundell said...

Love cooking but have never used butternut squash. You have inspired me to try the soup Thank you ! Also like the sound of oat bran muffins and will try those too !

One Woman's Journey said...

Barbara, hope the soup was good :)