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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Friend

A trip to town
To restock the pantry shelves

They were observed and
She went on her way
Soon to return

An Orchid

It has 8 blooms and 10 buds
Has a new home

Her old friend of about a dozen years
Was transported to this cottage
A little over a year ago

Held lovingly in her arms
During the long drive

A struggle for a year
Did not make it

A touch of Spring
Has a new home
Sitting on the old chop block

This cold January morning

It makes me smile


the wild magnolia said...

Wonderful poem, a story of beginning and ending and our love of beauty, and as you most aptly said, "A New Friend.

Winter and Spring...side by side!

Thank you for sharing.

One Woman's Journey said...

Dear WM - so good to feel good.
Like my normal self this early morning. Thank you so much for commenting. Have a good day in that land near the "water".

Beverly said...

Glad your new friend brightens up the home and heart!

Lonely Rivers said...

Do you remember when orchids were rare? And if someone brought you an orchid he had spent a lot of money and was probably very serious about you? Today we can buy one at Trader Joes, and most of us can't keep them alive. I love it when a plant becomes a treasured friend - to be nurtured and celebrated as it does what it was designed to do.

Tabor said...

So sorry you lost your orchid. But I wish you much luck with the new one. I have never had luck with orchids. They do not die on me, but never grow and never bloom.

shannon said...

So glad you are feeling so much better:)

-teri said...

Your orchid looks absolutely stunning against that window. Just a perfect photo! I am loving your blog banner as well . The sturdiness of orchid leaves is an such a contrast to the delicate blooms. I hope to get to the store tomorrow and fill up the fridge. Have a great week-

southernlady64 said...

Your orchid is so beautiful and I love the new header. Glad to see you are feeling better. I am sure the orchid helps with its beauty. I love my indoor plants, too. Hope you have a good week.

LauraX said...

such a lovely new friend indeed:)

One Woman's Journey said...

LM - oh yes I remember. Bought this at our local Kroger store for $9 - will put in larger pot after it finishes blooming. Should continue to bloom and open up for another 6 weeks :)
Beverly ( I dreamed about you last night - strange - you visited in a snowstorm :)
Tabor, Shannon, -terri, Judy and LauraX - thanks for stopping by.l

Barbara Blundell said...

What a beautifuk orchid Wish I could have success with one

Darlene said...

That is a stunningly beautiful orchid. I am not surprised that you took it home. With your green thumb it should survive.

judemiller1 said...


One Woman's Journey said...

Barbara, Darlene and Judy, thanks for visiting - have a great day.
Raining this early morning in Tennessee...