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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day Morning Memories

Bath, hair washed, lotion and breakfast finished. At the moment no one else I would make scrambled eggs and bacon for one and French toast for the other. Their compliments are worth it. They tell me what a great cook I am :)

With this visit I could tell such a difference in my little girls.

They comment on so much as they wander through my cottage. They like looking at the small items on my desk. One comments on the red glass heart - holds it in her hand and tells me she loves it. They pick up the special stones, pictures and books.

I find myself looking at items that have memories - through their eyes and a special meaning is renewed.

I watch as they carefully fold their clothes - put them in their bags - before putting on pajamas. This is new... grandma would usually fold :)

They want me to tell them stories of when their mom was little. I tell them about our years in the old farmhouse. They laugh at many of the stories.

Their vocabulary is changing and I smile at the words they now use.

Their choice for lunch a local restaurant that makes the best pizza. My eye caught an elderly couple eating and a glass of wine on their table. I made the comment "maybe grandma needs someone special to go out and eat with - what do you think?" the oldest replies "grandma that decision is really up to you" - I smile at the answer.

Not knowing the little one was in the bathroom - I opened the door and was immediately told "grandma this is embarrassing" sorry was said and the door immediately closed.

They entertain themselves with little DS games - I do not think I could use this - look like tiny computers. They read and watch special dvd's they have brought.

I find them so entertaining with all their comments and questions. They are just growing up too fast...

One thing I know - is when they are around they make me smile and feel loved. Better clean the kitchen.
Wishing Peace to all....


Balisha said...

Happy New Year, Ernestine...
Enjoy those girls now, because the grow up so fast. Have a nice start to the New Year...Balisha

the wild magnolia said...

Wonderful sharing of the "little girls" growing up! They are delightful! Quite observant to notice the changes in them.

So happy you feel loved and they love your cooking.

Blessing and peace coming your way for the new year!

Lonely Rivers said...

It is such a treasure to see your girls through your eyes and words. You "journal" continues to inspire me to cherish each experience and delight in the small moments of my life. Happy, healthy new year! LR

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, Sandra and LR = thank you for visiting this first morning of the new year. Your comments are special....

Sky said...

gosh, they are maturing, indeed! seeing the world through the eyes of those who are just beginning to explore the world is always a rich blessing! beautiful children.

One Woman's Journey said...

thank you -- Sky ---
I see such a change each time they visit.

judemiller1 said...

These times are so special. They grow up so fast it makes me sad.