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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Gift

I received a comment and an email - early this morning.

This young woman has Sjogren's Syndrome and writes in depth about this condition.

So much information....

I do not know anyone with this condition ---- so her information will be very helpful to me and encouraging.

Forgive me for my whining and complaining over the last weeks. I just so love to be going full speed ahead. In my 70s is that realistic :) Somehow my mind has not yet accepted that number...

I think I have shared in the past that when I feel good - I fly and when I feel not too good - I really sink low.

Do not know any other way to share but with honesty.

It's clear to me that my journey from confusion to clarity and from closed heart to open heart is one of continual arrivals and departures, a lifelong process that happens over and over again.

Reminds me that I too can arrive, even if it is again and again rather than once and for all, at that experience of clarity in which I am happy.

Pay Attention For Goodness Sake ~~~ Sylvia Boorstein ~~~


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you! People have told me all my life that I am either all the way up or all the way down!

-teri said...

Thank you for again shining the light on the path I think we all walk on. Sending sunshine for your heart.

One Woman's Journey said...

Judy, we continually to be similar - thanks for visiting.
-teri - thank you and returning the sunshine to you :)

Tabor said...

70 is the new 55! I have a house guest who is 77 and just flew in from Hawaii and is working on starting up a new company! He has had his health scares like all of us. But you must look forward and accept what you cannot change and challenge what you can. You may find new challenges each day, but remember how you felt when you were responsible for all the little ones? You done good then and you will continue on that path now.

LauraX said...

LauraX said...

just started reading links provided...oh is amazing to me how many of us are walking around (or hobbling or rolling) with so many strange autoimmune diseases...and yet we are and somehow we manage to find the strength to face most days with tremendous grace and is hard living with a body that doesn't function the way it's supposed to, and yet miraculous that still so much goes right!!!

sending you love and reiki and prayers for healing and a good night's sleep.

shannon said...

Oh, how I know about the highs and the lows:)
More on this tomorrow in Email:)

I don't think any of us see you as whining and complaining, simply stating where you are right now,
and that honesty helps me to feel better, so thank you!

mermaid said...

Flying and falling, it's what we do over and over again, grateful for the friends who lend an ear or a hand, learning that only gentleness heals.

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, Laurah, Shannon and dear Mermaidj - thank you for visiting.

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, does your houseguest want to go to lunch - if there is no Mrs. Houseguest :)

Sky said...

sjogren's syndrome often accompanies other auto-immune disease processes. my internist explained this to me several years ago.

i am constantly going to the doctor for the inflammation in my eyes - so dry and uncomfortable that i can hardly keep them open at times. so many ointments and drops that my family room looks like a drugstore right now. (i am in the midst of an inflammatory process with both eyes.) my mouth is so dry sometimes i am sure i sound a little drunk - my lips catch on my teeth when i first awake! auto-immune issues are no fun, that is for sure!

glad you are having a bit of fun getting back out and moving around. enjoy the weekend!