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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shadows - January Spring Preview

Early morning shadows

Sunny 60 degrees

Walked the meditation path
through the woods

Cleared limbs along the way

Birds were chattering wildly

Simple lunch outside

Curled up in the lounge chair
Miss Callie beside me

Sun - you feel wonderful

What is this on my sleeve
a fly ... what is this on my slacks
looks like a tick

Guess I am not the only one
who is ready for a real Spring


the wild magnolia said...

Love the photos of your home! Thoughtfully decorated to express the person you are.

Great meditation walk, picking up hitchhikers looking for spring?

Good share!

Wishing you a fine day!

Tabor said...

What a wonderful world you live in. Wish we would get some warmer weather....I think the high is supposed to be 41 today...egad.

shannon said...

I am always astounded by how early you must get up, to get all this done by 7:00 AM, do you sleep:)

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous...makes me hopeful for spring!

One Woman's Journey said...

WM, Tabor, Shannon and mhy Jamie - thank you for visiting.
Shannon, I usually wake up about 4:00 - meditate and pray and up.
Go to bed about 7:00 and meditate and pray until I fall asleep.
I have always gotten up early. Our business - started at 6:00 and in years past liked to get up an hour before children. A lot done by doing this.
I love the morning - not a night person - which when I had a social life - was a problem..

Balisha said...

Sounds like a delightful morning. We are waiting for yet another snow storm.I enjoy the sun when ever it peaks through the clouds.
Have a wonderful day...Balisha

Beverly said...

Yesterday was grand. I spent a great day with some of family....I may be able to make it til spring now...

LauraX said...

60? how lovely!!!

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, Beverly and LauraX - thanks for visiting. 60 again today and I saw a "lady bug" :)

lilalia said...

Sunshine and shadows on the floor and the company of a dog... you make it all sound so idyllic. Enjoy.

Aisling said...

The sun spilling in through the windows is just beautiful.

Sky said...

chilly here...30s at night and mid to high 40s in the day. it's warming up a bit this week. more rain will come at week's end. we can see the tulips and daffs coming up in the gardens though. spring is not too far away. :))

i am the opposite - i often stay up until the wee hours. i love the quiet nights when all around me is so still.

Sharon said...

You have beautiful glass on your kitchen windowsill.

We are bracing for another cold blast of air, followed by snow Tuesday and Wednesday. Ah, winter.

Spring is but a distant memory in the northeast.

One Woman's Journey said...

lilalia, Sky, Aisling, thank you for visiting. Sharon, thank you for the compliment :)

shannon said...

that early bedtime explains it:)
I always love the mornings when I do manage to get very early:)

shannon said...
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kerrdelune said...

How lovely to see your home and the sunlight pouring through it - I can almost feel the warmth! We are still many weeks away from such days, but they will surely come.

One Woman's Journey said...

Shannon, yes - with the early rising - my day is over after lunch :)
Cate, thank you for visiting. Spring will arrive when it is suppose to...

teri said...

So nice to know that it is spring like somewhere in the world. Your shadow are lovely- thank you for getting up so early and sharing that world with us. As for the ticks and flies I don't miss them.

judemiller1 said...

Love the shadows and that you are experiencing spring--we are in for a doozy of a winter storm this week. BUT I know the tulips and daffodils are under all that snow, just waiting to burst forth and proclaim "Spring Is Here"--I just have to have patience.

One Woman's Journey said...

teri and judy, thanks for visiting. it is Tuesday and think my weather is changing :)

Nan said...

Oh my, was it really a tick? Yuck. I love your pictures.
When I read about the dry eye (even though it is connected to an ailment), I just happened to think, do you have a humidifier? It can make an enormous difference.

One Woman's Journey said...

Nan, so pleassed you looked at my images of shadows. Yes, use a humidifier