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Friday, April 15, 2016

Special Days Continue

Early morning
first Humming Bird was on screen porch and I was successful in catching in a net
and placing outside,
feeders filled and now hanging outside.
Noticed  on calendar last year that this was the same date of my first arrival.

Instead of the clothes line that this one always loved hanging her clothes on
it seems like the big laundry rack is now used on the deck.
Zucchini bread baked
early yesterday morning - so good and had not made since last Fall,
one loaf traveled to Nashville, one loaf almost gone :)
and one in freezer, going to make again next week....
Another trip to Nashville
(so nice to have a driver)
and Miss Saigon
now my favorite eating place.
Soup is so good
but servings way to large for this one
They packed an order special for me to carry home,
each in separate containers
broth, noodles, vegetables, bean sprouts and shrimp and crab.
So lunch and evening next day
and so hated to throw out the the rest.
Will see if I can make something similar in a smaller quantity
Ordered a base from Amazon and wish bean sprouts (which are a favorite)
could be bought locally.

A beautiful weekend is arriving....

Life is good
a lot is different
this one still  has so much to be thankful for.


Sallysmom said...

Glad to hear you had a driver. Will it continue?

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Sally, my son is the driver
for a few more weeks :)
Will miss him
so much
when he returns to Thailand

Rebecca said...

Such beautiful reflections on pleasurable days and activities and companionship...

Tabor said...

Maybe your son can look for a job near you. I am sure his Asian style would be welcome. We need more Zen here in this country. That soup looks so good!

Barb said...

A lovely meditation on simple pleasures. Enjoy your spring. It's snowing hard here.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Tabor, no way
he loves where he is most of the year, several visits
month at a time is good for both of us.
An excellent yoga teacher at top studio.
I miss him
but he is happy, at peace
and what more can a mother ask for her children...

Sky said...

can you not freeze your extra carry-home portion instead of throwing out a portion? we have and it seemed to work fine. love asian food - thai is probably my favorite. so glad you seem to be feeling better. I think it would be wonderful if you and your son find you an on-going driver/helper you can request when desired for trips to Nashville so you can continue to make these visits without travel concerns. in GA there is an agency called Home Instead which would drive or do light housekeeping, light meal prep, laundry, and/or other kinds of personal assistance that were needed. the client instructs, and they accommodate the need. we used them as needed, and it was such a helpful service, well worth the cost which was very reasonable. you may have a similar service that will make a trip to your rural area. my parents were rural, some 25 miles out, and we had no problem finding an agency. someone has told me that this agency is national...I will have to check myself because there are times when I could use someone when hubby is working long shifts on big projects, etc.

Candace said...

Bean sprouts Take a quart jar and a hand full of mung beans(available at most health food stores and probably Amazon) rinse beans well in jar, pour off water and cover with mesh, old nylon, cheese cloth etc. Leave in a dark-ish place for few days and then you have bean sprouts!
Easy peasy

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Sky, we have that same service
just not ready for that mentally.
So nice to have one of my children with me
girls just too busy. Did not know about freezing Thai soup - may try.
Candace, thank you
thought of doing this :)
Bean Sprouts super healthy...