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Friday, April 1, 2016


A special cousin, Judy came by with a fish plate for my lunch, treat for Callie
and these beautiful flowers
saying "you need these on the table for Jimmy's arrival and birthday dinner on Sunday.
Thank you sweet girl.....

Lilac bush by deck in full bloom
full of butterfly's and bee's..
Beautiful sunny day
a busy day
cooler tomorrow
and Sunday....

A busy and happy time.

On prednisone high
up in the middle of the night
this is nice
but not good.
Soon lower dose
and all will settle down.


lil red hen said...

You have such wonderful friends! The flowers must help make you feel better too. The lilacs here are still in bud stage. I haven't covered them and it's supposed to get almost down to freezing tonight. I did cover the peonies and a new day lily.

Rebecca said...

I can't wait for OUR lilac tree/bush to bloom...
I'm almost smelling the lovely fragrance just LOOKING at yours.
Cheerful flowers; thoughtful friends.
Life IS beautiful.

Pienosole said...

I can almost smell the lilacs. :-)

Sandra said...

So beautiful to see your lilac blooming. That is a reason to rejoice indeed. I have planted pansies on my balcony!

Val said...

How thoughtful. And nothing smells better than Lilacs. ♥

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Such a beautiful bouquet and a wonderful lilac, there for you to enjoy.

Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

Marcie said...

Oh my goodness! Lilacs already! Ours will be late May or early June. How wonderful to watch them full of butterflies and bees.

Judy said...

Here in Michigan, we are having three days of snow bands going through. My Daffodils are not happy, but all my Lilac bushes are in bud and don't seem fazed a bit. Have a wonderful weekend with your son and Happy Birthday!