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Monday, April 11, 2016

Red Neck Grosbeak - Visiting again early Sunday morning...

Several years ago
saw many of these birds in the tree outside my bedroom window
and not familiar with them.
This morning they arrived once again
and could not get my camera fast enough.
When you live by the woods and you see a new bird
this one finds it exciting.

A Sunday with the New York Times. local paper,
cool weather
it was a perfect reading day.

Vowed to order no new book
especially a cook book
since once again interested in cooking and eating,
ordered "The New Iron Skillet Cookbook"
Have all of my mother's and some of my grandmother's
iron skillets, love using them, healthy cooking option
so I will see if I learn anything new..
Spring Rolls are a favorite, never attempted making them
 and noticed a recipe in this book for
cooking Spring Rolls in an iron skillet.

New York Times, magazine section
featured article
"Sweat Smart."
"if we live a long time,
want to keep our memories  (good mind)
our basic
selves intact,
keep moving."

I am not interested in longevity
but want to continue having a good mind
along with the best quality of life
I can experience through this aging process.

Mind is excellent
just wish there were no balance or arthritis issue going on,
but will continue moving
just not me
to sit still long...

At this moment
have so much to be thankful for
so good to be aware of returning to
reading, computer, camera, baking,
friends, driving, sunshine and happy family times...


Pienosole said...

What a beautiful bird and a beautiful photo! You are inspiring. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, feelings and activities. Wishing you a lovely day. :-)

Mitzi said...

It is so good to read that you are doing so well. Spring is making us all feel better. Can't beat sunshine!

Wisewebwoman said...

You sound very upbeat, E! Love the bird. My friend who died in August said to me that faced with death she dreaded losing her mind the most. I think I concur. We don't know until.......

Spring rolls in the cast iron, let me know how they work out. I adore spring rolls, never made them.