Saturday, April 16, 2016


Home from market
with ingredients for new recipe
from Mennonite Girls Can Cook
Asian Cole Slaw....
New at the market
and hopefully is good and will be a welcome addition
in my freezer
to add to broth, soup or whatever..
Was having difficulty putting gas in car
and an angel appeared
seems this is quite often lately...

A beautiful sunny day
yard help
did not arrive
but that is alright
will happen at the right time.

My day has ended
as it began at 4:30
except for cooking.

this one still gets up very early
and stops everything
by 5:00....


Laura said...

I used to wake very early and end early too. Now I am able to sleep in (medicine helps), still I generally need to be upstairs before 6pm or my legs don't want to do the climb.

I think of you often Ernestine, wishing you sunny days and joy.

Sandra said...

Early mornings are the best! I have always been an early bird and wouldn't want it any other way. Your meal looks so tasty!

Pienosole said...

Yes, early morning is a very beautiful time, and now the sun is rising earlier and earlier as we move toward the summer solstice. I love this time of year, anticipating more and more light in each day. Wishing you a joyful Sunday! :-)

Marcie said...

Have a beautiful day, Ernestine. I am usually up with the sun and down with the sun, at this time. I think it would be nice to settle in a bit earlier and just enjoy the quiet. I am often too busy for that, and time goes racing by! I like reading about your days.

Tabor said...

That header photo of your granddaughter by the riverside is just beautiful and worth having a good sized print made for somewhere in your house. Angels are everywhere and the nice thing is that they LIKE being helpful. It does make their day. I usually get up early but seems my spring allergies are messing with my sleep time.