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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sunny May, Spinach Soup, Good DVD amd a Memory

Beautiful sunny May day
An at home day
Made cream of Spinach soup for the first time
tried to duplicate what I tasted at restaurant 2 weeks ago
pretty good - topped with Gruyere cheese.

First DVD
in a while I could watch with interest this afternoon.
At first sad and I thought I will have to turn off
but soon was exciting....

"Philomena" with Judy Dench - 2013

Journalist helping mother look for her now grown
son who was given up for adoption as as a toddler at
Catholic home.
In the end
seems like Catholic home lied to her as she was
searching - about records
of this young unwed mother
and did not tell her that her son had been there
trying to locate her - his mother.    Later his body returned
to be buried in the cemetery at this Catholic home
where he was born to a young unwed mother.

Made me wonder about a lot
but will not share....

Also almost felt guilty
just sitting still for a while.
Image taken
2 years ago
on this very day...


Tabor said...

That little pretzel girl has me envious! I saw that movie and Judi Dench gave it the gravitas it needed. I also will not comment, because I have lots to say!

lil red hen said...

It seems good to just sit still now and then.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Anvilcloud said...

Sounds like a good flick. We are watching Pillars of the Earth these days. I read it a long time ago. It's a bit difficult to to follow the whos and whats on the dvd series, but it's still not a bad watch.

Wisewebwoman said...

A friend of mine found her son after many years, she was also in a home. The horrors of the situation were unbelievable.

I loved the movie, though much was not revealed due to time constraints on film.

Yes, take it easy, easier said than done, I know!


Barb said...

Just sitting in stillness is good for us. I saw Philomena - it brought up many thoughts and questions about the interactions of people and how lives can be shaped and perhaps destroyed by our decisions and the decisions of others. Sad but powerful. Who is the Yoga Princess?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor and Barb, that is my youngest granddaughter. No instrucitons just looks at my yoga books when visiting and copies :)
Charlotte,AC,WWW, as always
thanks for commenting.