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Friday, May 15, 2015

Morning after...

Early morning smoothie
fresh spinach, yogurt, flax seeds, banana, blueberries, sunflower seeds, Manuka honey
blended with

Ginger is good for inflammation, drink the tea, pills and a bag of sliced ginger Amazon
Such a large bag arrived and shared with my chef granddaughter who spent a night and day
with me.   Enjoyed her so much, a trip to local nursery in the country for herbs she was looking
for and I now know Bay Leaf is good to add to cornmeal and flour to keep bugs away.
Also did not know it was also called the Christmas Plant.
Enjoyed listening to Sarah share about her learning to butcher pigs, cows, fish and lambs.
Difficult to imagine my granddaughter doing this but another plus as she continues to learn
on the journey she is now on.
I could never eat Lamb as I always visualized the little ones in pictures throughout the bible.
Also could never eat dove and they are everywhere in my surroundings and have such a beautiful
appearance with feather's that look like velvet.

Learned a lot through this visit and next time she will bring what she uses to sharpen her special knives, grandma's are really dull and can never seem to get them sharp as I want.
A chef from China is visiting her restaurant and she took him shopping for special ingredients
to prepare some meals.    This pleases me so much her interest in food, cooking and plants.

Blooming on the desk in my bedroom.  This orchid bought last year marked down and looked like
it would not make it - is beautiful and did not know the color.

Enough shared
need to water garden, so dry and calling for rain everyday but has not arrived.


Sandra said...

I'll send you some rain. It's raining here today and I wish it wouldn't nearly every year for my birthday!
So nice your granddaughter visited with so much know-how about the kitchen!

Barb said...

Wonderful when we can learn from our grandchildren! I wish she would sharpen my knives, too. It just hailed here, but now the sun is shining - very changeable weather. My orchid blooms randomly every several years. I don't know what makes it bloom - if I did, I'd be sure to include that in my weekly care!

lil red hen said...

The ground is soaked here and showers in the forecast for all next week too.

Sometimes I wish I liked to cook the way you do; to me it's a "have to" thing.

I'm wondering, did you send a subscription to the Readers Digest, large print, to us? It's a mystery :)

Judy said...

I love when the older grandchildren come and share their knowledge--they have so much more at 30, then I have now, LOL.

Sweet Orchid--how fun to nurse it back to life.

Kay said...

I make smoothies quite often, but you know... I've yet to add veggies to it. I should.

Chip Butter said...

Love your new header!!! I need a sign like this!

Pienosole said...

Good morning. Haven't seen a posting since this one. Hope all is well.

Aisling said...

Hope the rain arrived. It was raining St my mom's house a few hours from you when I spoke to her Sunday. Glad you shared about your visit with your grand daughter. We have a budding chef in our family too.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Thanks to each of you
Your comments please me more then you realize.
All is well
and calming down.
Thank Goodness...