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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Memories For Her and You Never Know

I smile as I look at my youngest daughter's
working space in her home.
Her childhood desk that sat on the loft of the old farm house.
A picture of her parents on their wedding day.
I commented I liked the sunflower picture and where did she get it ?
She wrote back and said it was a picture done by my youngest granddaughter :)
I recognize the lamp on the desk, a flower pot that was mine
and always smile at images of the piano that Amelia now plays.
Remember well when I sold the old farm house and started drastically
downscaling, saying it was hers.   Comment she made  "I never liked playing the
piano and do not want it."  But her mom held onto it wanting it to
go into her home and maybe one of the girls would play.
Piano lessons was the one thing I could give her in our country home after my divorce.
She went to the local country school, where her older siblings had the pleasure of
attending one of the finest private school in the big city.
The country school beginning
it never held her back in any way....
Oh yes, my youngest granddaughter now plays the piano, guitar I bought her
and a keyboard she received last Christmas....
So many good memories that make me smile.... 
Now I need to get off the computer and stop looking at old pictures.
Daylight is here
and my day begins....


Sallysmom said...

I love when you share memories and pictures. I know others do as well.

Rebecca said...

I had to "pin" that desk to my "desk" board in Pinterest. It's MY kind of desk...

Judy said...

I do love seeing your pictures. Aren't we glad we kept them all? They bring back memories of such pleasant times.

Wisewebwoman said...

Love this nostalgic desk, I felt it was mine, quite weird.

Barb said...

Great memories passed on to new generations. Objects still loved and appreciated.

Cindy Dy said...

I like the way on how you put up your blogs. Wonderful and awesome. Hope to read more post from you in the future. Goodluck. Happy blogging!


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