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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Continues

Every day for quite a few days has been beautiful,
delightful and perfect weather.
Not to warm of days and cool at night
and this one sometimes puts on long sleeves.

Wrote this post several days ago and now it has
turned super hot again and to continue.   Just watered
as the rain expected never arrived.   The soil in my garden
and the woods seems to dry out quickly.
Think heat has set in and garden losing the beauty of the last few months.

Enjoyed my Jamie and little girls on Sunday.
Amazed at the change in them from month to month
and guess grandma will always refer to them as her little girls
They like to ride in the back of the old pick up and donned my sun hats.
Continual laughter and they are just plain "happy."  Their visits too short and
far between but very aware of their city life with soccer, gymnastics, cheer leading, music
lessons, swimming and friends - their pleasure at this time.
More exciting then hanging out with grandma in the woods...

Jamie, took several bags of herbs back home and is going to share with some friends.
I need to begin freezing herbs by chopping and putting in ice cube trays, cover
with water, freeze and then transfer to bags for the freezer, so easy to season food during the
year with this method.

 Summer is going by so quickly and can hardly believe 1/2 the year is past.  This is very evident
in my garden with day lilies in their last days and many other favorites now gone until
another year.  Phlox are blooming
Can remember 4 o'clocks at a favorite Aunt's and friends home.   Last year some seeds were
shared with me and now have the beginning of this old fashion plant in yellow, white and purple.
They are in front of the only
hollyhock that came up this Spring with
giant leaves and flower about the size of a silver dollar.
It should be reversed.
When I lived in the city home
my daughter who lived in Massachusetts shared some seeds.
Oh my
the flowers were double and gigantic
and not so at this time....

Noticing very few butterflies this year,
a lot is different in nature and will probably continue.


Aisling said...

We are cool and cloudy in my neck of the woods! Your blooms are lovely. I am waitung for daylilies to bloom here. Nice to read your post as I drink my coffee and enjoy free wifi at a restaurant.

Balisha said...

Good morning, Ernestine,
I just took "your" zucchini bread out of the oven. It smells so good here. Thankyou for posting again.

I used to have 4 o'clocks and they self seeded and came back every year. I planted the seeds behind the garage, where nothing grew. They grew like weeds and came peeking around the corner of the garage and filled in some spaces that I had trouble growing things.
I love the names of old fashioned flowers. Bouncing Bet, 4 o'clocks, sweet peas, lady's mantle, etc.
Have a nice day today. Take it easy in the heat.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, hope you enjoy as much as this one - I use walnuts - nuts now so expensive and think I used a tad more sugar.
It is better - I think - the next day :)
Aisling, emailed you.
Miss your posting and your school will be starting soon. Take care and keep in touch..

Balisha said...

Hi Ernestine...Just in case you don't go back to read my reply to your comment...we didn't like the roast. Too much balsamic vinegar and the roast was very dry. The 2nd roast will be used for BBQ sandwiches. I made a simple BBQ sauce and put the shredded pork into it.
I guess that new recipes don't work from time to time. The old tried and true ones are still the best.