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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Busy Day

6:00 AM
the first Zucchini bread this year in the oven.   Recipe shared so many times in the past and is extra good
with the addition of crushed pineapple.   Half a loaf was consumed along with my yogurt, fruit and green tea - this morning.

On to Lowe's to look at an electric grill.  Years ago there was one on my screen porch.
Wanted gas grill but gas line and small grill close to $500.  This small grill with a bright red top
on sale and $150.   Easily loaded and the young man said "I think you can get it out of your truck."
Arriving home I put the wheel barrow at an angle and was going to pull grill out.    Not a good idea for this one with
balance issue and do not need to climb onto pickup bed.   Family arriving tomorrow and they can unload
to deck or screen porch.   I am not eating as much protein as I need and one of my daughter's has
been suggesting I make this purchase - so much easier then charcoal (which I love).    I now can cook 1/2 chicken, salmon, hamburgers or small steak on this grill.

Unloading this small grill was something I felt uncomfortable doing and in the past it would not have phased me.  Guess the list is growing....
As I was leaving the store
a man came through the door at Lowe's and spoke to me like he knew me.  Had a long white beard and said have not seen you in a while, remember me, Kent White.
His mother in a nursing home and father in his last days.   I listened to him share and did not have the heart
to say "I do not know you."  As I went through the door to my truck he added "nice to see you again "
need to ask my son if this was someone that use to work for our family business :)

A few images of garden from a different angle to share with family and 2 tomato plants in pots
are doing good...
Stopped at Trader Joe's on trip to the big city several days ago and the arugula purchased for my salads
has been the best and so much better then what I buy in my small local town.
Topped with my chicken salad, avocado, tomato, black grapes, walnuts with a dash of
olive oil - super tasty and I like my food better then anything I could purchase in a restaurant.
They were super nice at this store and when I shared I had quite a distance to
drive home they put frozen bottles of water in the grocery bags.  Another purchase
that I can hardly wait to try is Lobster Ravioli...

My day by the woods is ending
have taken down the bird feeders so squirrels do not chew on them and eat the seed :)
They have grown so tame and pay no attention to me when I try and chase them away.

Callie and I inside.

This morning it was 59 degrees and like this several mornings, so delightful
and I must say
"it has been a busy and a very good day."


lil red hen said...

Being busy is the best thing for us, if we know when to rest. I've picked and shelled the first of my beans today and raked hay, and of course did chicken house work. My shoulders are calling for a rest.

Your flowers look so pretty!

Tabor said...

YOu do have a marvelous sense of design as your yard is lovely. Glad you are waiting for someone to help with the grill!!! You will enjoy not heating up the inside of the house when you cook some evening. Yes, this cooler spell is just what we needed!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Charlotte, my usually aching all night and I will admit that I do not have sense to stop and rest.
If I stop I may never get up :)
Tabor, thank you for the design compliment. Plants are flourishing and takes a couple of years to get the fullness I like but it is happening. Miss charcoal grilling and not convenient for one :)

Wisewebwoman said...

I was thinking those little portable propane tanks and a grill? Easy enough to move and carry for us gaining muscles.

Tail end of Arthur here, just a few rustles in the leaves.

I love your garden, such a clever creative woman you are!


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

WWW, had that type in the past
and a hastle with the tank.
I lift more then I should but will keep it up and until I cannot :)

Balisha said...

I think that you will enjoy that little grill. So glad that you resisted the urge to take it off your truck. It will be nice to keep the heat from cooking outside.
I eat a small portion of meat....often give half to Joe. A filet, chicken breast, pork chop,or a piece of fish are all easy to do on a grill.
Your salad looks delicious. A meal that I would enjoy.
Have a wonderful visit with family today,

Judy said...

It may be a "little electric grill", but it looks awfully big to me and unwieldy--I would be afraid I would tip it over and smash it on the ground below. Glad you have someone that can unload for you. We are having the nicest weather--so cool to sleep and in the morning and maybe--75 during the day, but with breeze. I actually had to pull on a pair of sox the other night while watching TV.

Luan said...

Please write the recipe for the Zucchini bread with crushed pineapple. Our garden is producing lots of yellow and zucchini squash. I am giving it away, but would like to make something new with the big zucchini. We have lots of fresh tomatoes too, all sizes from little Porters to big beefsteak size. They are so delicious compared to the store ones that we ate all winter.

Sharon said...

I like arugula, too, but the others here who share salad do not. When my son visited from CA it was nice to have another arugula eater at the table.