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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Busy Morning

Laundry at dawn,  used little racks on deck as line is on a slope and did not feel like being careful
as I approached the line with laundry basket in hand.

 Filled bird feeders, deadheaded some plants and moved a few daylillies (before I forget the color) and then watered.  A sweet wonderful aroma fills the air, almost like someone has sprayed perfume, I believe it is my purple phlox that is in the garden and several other areas.

Living in the country it so welcome when a neighbor brings some fresh green beans, squash and
2 tomato's from her garden.  Then another call that the corn had come in and I will pick up 3 dozen later and cut some off for the freezer plus she has 1/2 watermelon for me.
A good meal in store, the kind I could eat every day.
Green beans, squash, corn, tomato and cucumber salad, tea and corn bread.

I look at this small quantity and have memories of my gardens in the past, the large amount that I picked,  how  freezer was filled and many jars sat in my cupboard.   Oh, how I loved doing this and would look with pleasure and pride
at all the many colorful jars.    Can remember how good the salsa was that I made from my garden
produce and my son would eat a whole jar at a time with his meal.   At the time I had
multiplying onions that came up every year and have not been able to find them for
many years.   All you need is a few and soon you have a bushel full, some to plant for the next year
and many to share.  Have several old recipes shared by some that were unusual.  One would
at the end of the season pick many vegetables and preserve them like you would pickles.
This mixture was delicious and another shared her squash pickle recipe with me.  Remember
these kind ladies in their late years and for many years they have been gone.
Their names come to mind - Miss Susie, Miss Alma, Anna Leigh, Maude, Miss Cora and
Miss Robbye are some of the names.  They were all so good to me and no one like that at this time.
Of course, I am now their age :)

A lot of memories
and it is almost like
watching a movie....


Balisha said...

I moved some daylilies too this morning. Have so many orange lilies in the garden....think that the colors clash. Have decided not to remove the pink rosebushes, but will incorporate some yellows and pale oranges in my cottage garden. It will be quite colorful for me. I've always gone toward the pinks and purples. Change is good.
Lucky you.. to have a neighbor bring you such lovely treats. I could feast on these too.
Have a nice evening...Balisha

lil red hen said...

Such a wonderful meal you had! There's just nothing like fresh vegetables. I've been putting a few boxes of things in the freezer; makes me feel a little bit like a squirrel :)

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, just mixing colors at this time. In the past wanted pink, purple and white. Still drawn to anything purple.
Charlotte, a few things in the freezer - just in case weather is bad and to bring back memories
of summer garden. I miss my garden so very much - maybe next year :)

Judy said...

My lilies are just coming on--so vibrant this year--I guess they liked our long, hard winter? I can remember how proud I was of my jars and jars of canned vegetables, and pickles of all sorts. Freezer(s) filled with sealed bags of frozen sweet corn, fruit and the many jars of jam.
Don't need all that now, but wish I could still do it.

Chip Butter said...

A wonderful post...loved reading your thoughts about those who have now gone..."almost like watching a movie." So much flashes through my mind these days.

When I look at the shelves in my pantry, I think how I would like to have them lined with glass canning jars filled with colorful vegetables and fruits. Ball and Kerr, and ...