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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Vintage Cast-Iron Cookware

Looking at the current issue of "Gun and Garden" magazine.
Memories surface as I read an artical about a man who collects
vintage cast-iron cookware.

I go to my pantry to check these items out that I use often

3 old frying pans and 2 belonged to my mother.

1 cast iron muffin holder
and another one that makes corn sticks.
These were used over and over many years ago when I made corn bread,
using them instead of the skillet.
I know my older children remember them.
They were purchased about 50 years ago.

Cast iron dutch oven which was my mother's
and anything I cook in it comes out perfectly.
I always cook my roast and chicken in this pot.
Sometimes I use it when making chili.
This was given to me 16 years ago.

Last is my prize
and so meaningful to me.
A medium size flat skillet that my much loved grandmother
never went hardly a day without using.
She would say "I am going to make a hoecake."
I use it often when I mix up 1/2 recipe of corn bread
and fry silver dollar size in this pan.

I regret so
that during one move from a past home I gave away a prize.
This was a large cast-iron skillet that was so heavy
I could hardly pick it up.
Years ago when all of family was together I would use it to fry 2 chickens
and many times when I cooked a large amount of something.
It was probably given to someone that was helping me pack :(
It was so large that I did not think my daughter's would use it
and at that time they did not cook much.

Not much I would do over
but wished I had not given it away.

If I had it now it would be of no use
because of the weight.
But the memories would be priceless.
Wish I remembered who has it - but then guess it is better I do not know.

Another old item I have is a large wooden board
that my mother gave me.   She used it when she rolled out biscuits.
Was told it was my grandmother's
and I use it often.....

Wish at this advanced age that I could
once again go through my grandmother's
and mother's cooking items.


Sallysmom said...

I have my great grandmother's cast iron skillet that she fried my great grandfather's egg in every morning. Just being able to look at it means so much to me.

Tabor said...

Your cast iron items are in such excellent condition and so well seasoned. I wish I was better at that with our skillet.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love my collection of cast iron and cook your cornbread recipe in my dumple pan and served it recently to some friends who loved them.

I bought Daughter a cast iron wok a while back and she never stops using it even though it is tremendously heavy.

I use one of my supply just about every day!!!

Love the picture of yours.


Sky said...

I love my cast iron items, too, all with family history. I never use them because they are heavy but would not part with them, so I understand your wishing you had the one you gave away. I keep mine oiled and wrapped in heavy paper sacks.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sallysmom, Tabor, WWW and Sky,
thanks for visiting and Sky
use those pans :)

Aisling said...

Your cast iron looks beautifully seasoned, and your story tells me that it is seasoned as much with love as with use and good care.

I have several cast iron pans, but my treasure is the cast iron tea kettle that my great grandmother bought for 40 cents during the Great Depression.

Balisha said...

I have several cast iron pieces too. If these are seasoned properly...they can be like a non stick pan.

When I sold my home, I had cast iron pieces on my kitchen walls....many were highly collectable. I sold or gave away so many of them.

I just this week saw a cast iron muffin pan with the price of $80 on it at a neighborhood garage sale.

Enjoy using your treasures.

Marion said...

Wonderful write. I use nothing but cast iron. I have my aunt's cast iron skillets and pots from the 1950's. Why buy anything else? I especially love the tiny skillet, big enough for just one egg. I hope to pass them all down to my granddaughter one day. Thanks for sharing this. xo

Cape Cod Kitty said...

I love all these pans, and have many myself. It is also a very healthy way to add some iron to your. My 9" skillet rarely leaves my stove. I use it to very slowly reheat food and for so many other things. I, too, have cooked many meals in my dutch oven. After preparing on the stove-top, it goes right in to the oven for pot roast and other meals. My mother had one of those flat spiders on her stove all the time, too, and would prepare Dad's breakfast eggs on it everyday. Nice memories. My brother has the spider but that's fine with me as he is a wonderful cook. I also have a very nice cast iron grill pan that my daughter gave me. Nice for salmon and chicken.
They are heavy....I consider it part of my work-out plan/...LOL
Happy Sunday.

lil red hen said...

Wonderful, wonderful memories for you. I have a few skillets and a griddle-like pan. There's also a tea kettle, but it says not to be used for food ? wonder why. I always use one of the skillets when I bake cornbread.

Take care as the summer heats up!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Aisling, Balisha, Marion, Marcia,
Charlotte, thank you for visiting.
A very warm afternoon...