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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fall Is This Your Preview

what a delightful day.
Morning in the 60's and delightful all day.

I found it relaxing to work in the garden.
A slow pace of dead heading many plants for just a short time..
Many plants did not return this year and I think "maybe next year."
Some plants not as plentiful or beautiful
and some still have not bloomed that usually are blooming at this time
Beetles devoured the one last rose bush and some herbs
much they bothered last year they did not bother.
Small vegetable garden did not do as well.  Thankful for what
I enjoyed but never a tasty tomato, cucumber or much not as plentiful.
A few jars of salsa is always made, but not this year.

Also, last year my new pear tree had a dozen pears and this year did not
bloom or have pears - the same for the new apple tree.

So wonder was it the weather so damp, heat and keep having
thoughts will there be an early Fall.

Making my small garden area in front a little bigger.
It is not as damp, more sun and going to move my holly hocks to that
area and a few other plants.  So not for vegetables but for plants.

For a short time before lunch I sat in the old chair viewing the garden.
The cooler air and the warmth of the sun felt so good and almost fell asleep.
Had not done this since the Spring and being still and relaxed was needed.

When I decided to venture down to the terrace.
How do you handle, phone,  camera, water, sunscreen, towel and special towel
all in one trip?  I put most in a tote bag and sure is a lot to take down the screen
porch steps to the terrace just to relax and sit in the sun.
But it was worth it.

Many who said earlier in the year they wanted to visit and see my flowers
never arrived
and some who did not say they were visiting  made an unexpected visit.

Everyone is so busy and it seems a way of life at this time.
Memories of my grandparents and parents always sitting in the late afternoon
on the porch and family and friends would stop by.

When I moved to the country 35 years ago it was similar.  So many I could just
stop by in my old garden clothes and they would visit me.  Talk a while, maybe
a glass of tea and then on our way.   All those special older friends are gone
and  returning to my special land is very different where people are concerned
but then I remember my reason for returning.
Returning was for the Peace of nature, the woods,  the special sounds, wildlife and the
rich soil.   So what I returned for has been a gift to me in these last years.

Enough shared and hope the weather was as delightful today in your area as
it was in mine....


Judy said...

I had to dig in back of closet for some long sleeved light sweater to wear to church--cold and rainy--strange for July, BUT I know, summer will be back. I remember the days of sitting out in the shade of the trees with grandparents and parents, aunt, uncles--we didn't have TV nor computers back then--so we needed this way to socialize. We cousins sat there and played with our dolls or went for a walk in the woods. Nowadays--no one stops in--sad--can be very lonely--and yet--solitude is so peaceful. I can be a hermit very easily.

Aisling said...

Yesterday was my last day of "summer vacation" because summer school started today. It was such a cool day that I wore two sweatshirts and did my farm chores in boots instead of the usual summer sandals or lightweight tennis shoes.

I like to think of your quiet time in the sun, just relaxing. Those are moments to appreciate when they occur. We are lucky to have a few local friends who stop by in garden clothes, sip some iced herbal tea, then head home to do their chores, while we do ours. I appreciate those special, kindred-minded, farmers and gardeners.

Take care and enjoy the season!

Val said...

I miss those kinds of afternoons and moments on my grandparents' front porch. I like the image of you almost-napping in the sun. What lovely moments to store away.