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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Treacherous And Reproduction Successful

This morning noticed heat index expected over 100.

Planned to work outside from 6:45  to 8:30. 
When I finally came in it was a few minutes before 9:00.
I was wringing wet and I usually do not do this.
As I bathed and put on fresh "old clothes."
thought this is good.  All the medication I have been
on for the last 3 months is coming out of my system.
Maybe the detox process is finished :)
Late breakfast and even Callie who usually likes the screen porch
is inside.....

Whenever I go to the big city to baby sit with my young granddaughters
we go to a small cafe.  Usually do not like food out, like mine better,
but they are good.   My granddaughter's always order peanut butter sandwich :)
or turkey.  Also I always take a cooler in the trunk of my car so I can bring something
home and many times take my lunch in this cooler.

  While you are waiting for your food a small
dish of cheese mixture with crackers is served on a tiny plate.
It is different from my pimento cheese mixture and asked about it.
A chunky mixture of sharp cheddar cheese, a very small amount of pepper jack cheese,
small amount of pimento, sliver of red onion, a little mayo,  a few chopped walnuts
and it is covered with a mixture of herbs.

All ingredients on hand and placed in my handy little 4 cup Cuisinart Work Bowl.
A small amount of everything with a little Hellman's Mayo.

Covered with a few of my chopped herbs, parsley, basil and thyme and a few
more chopped walnuts.

Oh it was good and "if I do say so myself" it tasted just like what was served at the cafe
In the future
will make a larger portion.

So this with my Waldorf salad, zucchini bread and tea was fine on this terribly warm day.

Another trip to the mailbox in the truck and the air leaves you breathless.  Not a breeze stirring.

Also, they serve a lemon artichoke soup and sometime will try and reproduce.

I might add that it is a blessing to be able to taste food and have an appetite once again.
.  When I
have  immune flareups I have to force every bite.

Even gained a few pounds and hope it stays....


Tabor said...

Amazing that you are healing in all this heat...that is certainly a good sign. I wish I had a bit of an issue with putting on weight, but health issues and medical side effects are no fun. Got a new food processor and looking forward to trying recipes such as yours.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor for weeks now have felt so good. A long time for this.
Hope healing is going on
doctors keep wanting to do more bloodwork - staying far from them at the moment.
These days are a gift.
Hope they stay...

the wild magnolia said...

A wonderful recipe, cool and tasty. Thank you for sharing.

Sky said...

will have to make the pimento cheese since i have been missing/wanting it for quite a while. i add a mostly seeded diced jalapeno to ours since we love a kick of heat. when hubby went to market to pick up the jar of pimento he could not find one and asked for help. NO ONE had a clue what he was even talking about! finally he located the very tiny jars of diced pimento - the whole pimento i like best was not there. it is a southern dish, and i have yet to meet a NW native who knows what it is. like brunswick stew - just can't find it here!

soooooo happy to hear you are feeling better!!