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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Driving The Highway

Very early morning yesterday
and so nice for the coolness and wet earth surrounding this cottage.
Everything viewed has taken on new life
as I begin planning to
drive the back roads and highway to the big city.

Callie watches me intently and always is aware I am preparing to
leave and this always makes me a little sad as I look at her.

Car packed with zucchini's, tomato's, yellow squash, green pepper
and a loaf of zucchini bread for this young family.  My container with water
and a snack always on the seat beside me.

Soon the Nashville skyline comes into view and many memories
begin to surface.  Memories of years of special people, times and homes.
I pass so many places I use to visit and remember those who were once
a part of my life.  It is like viewing a movie as I travel down the roads.

Thoughts surfaced of one of my daughter's visiting my granddaughter
in Cape Cod.  She asked me to go with her.   A part of me wants to go
and a part does not want to leave home and wonder if this makes sense to anyone.

Soon I arrive at my daughter's home and the little girls are growing so fast and
always meet me with so much love.   We plan our morning of some shopping,
no luck to find lunch boxes they liked and then on to lunch.  I offered 3
fast food places but they wanted to go back to the little cafe where we usually eat.
I smile at my young granddaughter's remark,
 "it is so relaxing there Grandma, I like it."
She is learning young of qualtiy places and quiet.....

Could not resist buying a half of carmel cake to bring home for freezer.
As always thoughts surface of wanting to live closer to this special family and be
of more help to my daughter.  Just do not know if I could adjust to city life at this time.
Exactly where I am suppose to be at this moment and
 know if health was where I could not do all I enjoy at this time it would happen.
Want so to be wise in all decisions in this remaining lifetime.
If it is meant to be it will happen as everything else
in this long life has played out.

"Loss is a fact of life.
Impermanence is everywhere we look.
We are all going to suffer our losses.
How we deal with these losses is what makes all the difference.
For it is not what happens to us that determines our character,
our experience, and our destiny, but how we relate to what happens."

~~Lama Surya Das~~


Nancy said...

Once again, you provide provoking thoughts to begin my day. Hugs to you.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Very good. Something to think about as I go out to tackle more over growth.

I love my little haven and am thankful for it.

I see you and your love of a peaceful life is rubbing off on your granddaughter. That is neat.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Pienosole said...

I appreciated your message this morning as I prepare to move back to a big city away from my family. I believe it is the best move for me at this time, but definitely am feeling the impending loss of being (somewhat) far from family again.

I smiled when I read the part about your granddaughter :-).

Wishing you continued joy and peace.

Judy said...

It will be as it will be according to the plan. Just don't like the feeling that I have very little control of The Plan, LOL. Grand daughters are the most precious of people--such profound statements for ones so young. Glad you had a nice trip. Cape Cod is beautiful this time of year--what would you do with Callie? I think, if you can work that out, you should go. So nice there--the ocean and all. Maybe you could meet up with Ms. Graysea?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Nancy, Lorraine, Pienosole and Judy, as always
thank you.
Yes, this granddaughter's words to me, make me smile.

lil red hen said...

How very nice that you have fresh veggies to take to the family!

Callie will be so thrilled when you get back!

Mitzi said...

I would like to get hold of Judy Miller of Brighton the Corner where you are-I think she has switched blog users. Do you have her email address? Or could you help me find her in the blog world?
Your blog is one of my favorites. Go with your daughter-life is short-enjoy every opportunity you get.
Thank you,

mel said...

So, so, so true

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Charlotte and Mel, thank you.
Mitz, Judy reads my rambling and
hopefully will respond to you.

kerrdelune said...

Lovely, and you have quoted one of my favorite Buddhist teachers.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Cate, :)