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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden At This Time

Just finished early morning  watering and dead heading plants.
A few daylilly blooms remain but like the iris, buttercups,
Spring bulbs, clematis and peonies
they will soon be asleep for the rest of the year.
Pink phlox are blooming, cypress vine beginning to climb
and soon will sport its red blooms, cone flowers both pink
and white more showy this year, spider lilies are not blooming
as of yet and not as large, this plant in past so big and showy
at this time.  Red bee balm was so showy this year and a new garden
friend shared her pink with me - it has been planted and guarded
to make sure it comes up next year.

Several plants did not come back this year even though
their seeds were planted, one old favorite
I will visit past neighbor to see if she has blooms and will
collect seeds of this hyacinth bean plant.

Zinnia's were missed and always an abundance and so showy

Obedient plant is large
but not blooming as of yet

I need to plant hollyhocks
in another area as they surface so healthy and soon sport yellow leaves
then realize the damp area is not the ideal place for this plant with many memories.

Much beauty this year but somehow does not seem like the past and  may
be due to so much rain, heat and now needing rain.

So, I separate plants, place some in other areas and in my mind dream of next year
and remember that this beauty does not last and the peak of its beauty seems to be
 May, June and a week in July.   Also realize time and time again that a garden
takes time to come into its own beauty and even though this is really a new garden
it has been beautiful.

Many plants have not been mentioned
but these come to mind as I sit at my computer.

Time to take off these garden clothes, put on fresh old clothes
and eat breakfast.   Another day of exstreme heat is predicted
and staying close to my cottage.....


Judy said...

As every gardener knows--"there's always next year" and we seem to add new plants and bulbs for next year--assuming, I suppose, that if we plant them for us to see, WE will also be here next year to see them, LOL. I already have my pre-order in for tulips, daffodils and snow glories to plant this fall--for my enjoyment NEXT YEAR!!

Mary @ Colony Mountain Folk Art Dolls said...

There never seems to be a perfect year for all plants; this year for some, next for others. It is always nice to start the day in the garden. I enjoyed the visit this morning to your beautiful Woodhaven.

the wild magnolia said...

A perfect pleasure, a brief visit, with you and the garden.

mermaid said...

Beautiful garden Ernestine.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I had never seen red bee balm plant before. It is so pretty. I will be looking for red bee balm seeds to plant for next summer. They look like they would attract hummingbirds, plus I like their color.

Your garden is lovely. I'm in St. Louis, Missouri and my zinnias finally have several blooms. I had to do two plantings of them. The first planting never grew. The second planting was late blooming and some of the plants just seem kind of stunted. My best performing plant this year has been a pink Mandevilla. This is the first year I have ever had one.

I just came over from Balisha's Never Enough Time. I saw your blog listed on her sidebar. I'm happy to have gotten to visit your pretty garden.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Judy, Mary, Sandy, Kaveri,
thank you...
susie, if a plant would live
I would send you one :)