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Saturday, October 27, 2012

It Seems To Me

It seems to me
like I am always making new grocery lists, running out and that a lot is bought and used in this home for one.....
Two days ago (I am trying to go shopping less - but not doing to good)
thought I was fine for a week.
New list started this morning.
Green tea, ice tea, frozen pie shells, eggs, bleach, milk, Nestles Quick, grape jelly and ground turkey for chili....

Breakfast this morning
an egg, bacon, 2 slices of toast & jelly and 3 cups of coffee (coffee once a week)
Just finished lunch of tomato soup with my fresh Basil, cheese, crackers, ice tea, milk and cookies .

Between breakfast and lunch - 5 pieces of chocolate candy left over from guest visiting.
Early evening, a serving of my turnip greens, turnips, peppers, hard boiled egg and bacon, ice tea
and something sweet - may make cornbread.    Probably a dish of ice cream before going to bed.

Now that seems like a lot of food to me for one petite woman who has been on a low dosage of prednisone for 2 weeks ( and off in another 5 days and it sure has helped me)
which is suppose to add weight and she has not gained one pound.  I do know all of my portions
are small.

I go to bed early and get up early and always eat something about midnight.

So my mind tells me I am always eating,  going to the grocery, preparing food, running out and it is only
for one.   How in the world for many years  did I shop and prepare for 7 and work?
Yesterday went to the Cracker Barrel for lunch.   Fish and it was the child's plate.

My last trip to the market there were large bags of mixed sweet peppers.  About 4 times what is
in the image.  I have chopped and put in freezer.


Sky said...

love those maple cream cookies. we pick ours up in canada.

miss the turnips and greens out here...not so readily found.

hope the steroid has helped the inflammation. wish you didn't have to take it.

had no idea you get up at midnight and snack! that is about the time we head to bed (unless i have insomnia). as i have gotten older i find i rarely sleep through the night and miss that so much!

rainy weekend here. hope you are having a nice one.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sky, these cookies are good :)
Yes, the steroid helped greatly and only a few more days. Hopefully it last for a while.
I feel great. I go to bed early and love getting up early and now with time change wonder what will happen. So pleased to hear from you and there may be frost around this cottage in the morning.
Take care and hopefully all is going well with your dad..

Balisha said...

Oh,'ve made me hungry. I am just home from Mass and was going to be a good girl tonight and have and apple and yogurt. Now I want more...wish I had those cookies :)

Tabor said...

Portions and variety and freshness. I would just listen to a doctor that I trusted and not worry how often you head out to shop. Getting out of the house is not such a bad thing when you live alone. You food sounds good to me. Glad your medicine is working!

Wisewebwoman said...

My grocery up the road has just started stocking "Hobnobs" those glorious British biscuits. I ate a whole packet today.

With greens and veggies and healthy stuff in my fridge.

i try not to beat myself up too much.


the wild magnolia said...

Hah! I know those little candies, I think, Russell Stover?The turnips and greens are magnificent to behold. I love good crackers.

My mind has been contemplating how I can pare down our food bill and stop buying things we don't need and/or not healthy for us. Additionally space is limited and my cabinets are packed. There is no need for this.

We are here in Jacksonville for one of D's sister's 90th birthday. Plus her son's has just been diagnosed with Corhn's disease.

Didn't mean to go on so long.

Happy end of week........

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, Wisewebwoman, thank you.
All you say is true. Just seems I shop a lot and trying not to go out as often and that is really good for me. If I make sense :)
Balisha, I will tempt you with sweets.
Sandy, you have a challenge with the space. I also have less space then in the past - but more then you :) take care - you never share to long...

Sharon said...

Your menus always sound so good:) I have been doing more cooking since my son has been home because it's fun to have more than one or two of us at mealtime.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I am making Butternut Squash soup at the moment
All is simmering and will put in blender
so good and healthy.
I have to really make myself cook
but have to eat
and like my food better then eating out and really inexpensive.