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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Days and Cooking

Day's continue so warm
and I continue to miss my Callie, she is at Jamie's - this one cannot risk tripping over her (
Maybe I would be fine...

Yesterday, because I do not like store bought sweets I baked my favorite Zucchini Bread
been a long time.  This is the best recipe, been using for about 50 years and is a little different with crushed pineapple in it.  Also  Nan's brownies, the simplest recipe, I can mix with my whisk
makes a small amount.  Guess I am addicted to this recipe.   These recipes shared by me in the past.

On the stove yellow squash and onions cooking, green beans, potatoes, cabbage cooked yesterday and going to
1/2 a recipe of my old cornbread recipe.   Cooking it differently, on the stove top in my grandmother's over 100
year old small cast iron skillet.    She called it a hoecake but will be better than turning on the oven.
Also, beautiful ripe tomato's brought to me, will add cottage cheese.    A simple, healthy country meal with an addition of
sweet ice tea.
 I share a lot about cooking and like writing about it,
 always have loved to cook, once for a big family and now solo, need to cook for health
and trying desperately to gain 10 lbs I lost when leaving this home during the winter.
I cook small portions, enough for 2 days.

So, what is a hoecake? Google shares "it is a primitive form of cornbread"
the slaves made it.  Googles image and I will make 2 hoecakes :) and cover with butter.

my old pan has a handle, it is like a small iron skillet with no rim around it, this small skillet means  much
to me, since it was my grandmother's, she used it daily and it was given to me.
Can remember her saying "I'm going to make a hoecake" now I smile at her words remembered.

Remember this grandmother almost daily, my parents so young and she was the one who
constantly encouraged me onward and loved me with a love I shall never forget.


Gemma's person said...

Doesn't that love give you the most special feeling. Remembering it makes me smile and a tear for the loss of the loved and loving people.

kerrdelune said...

Oh my dear, bring your little Callie home.
I don't know where I would be without Beau!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Kate, my daughter hesitant and I want her :(

Joared said...

Oh, I love zuchinni bread. Cornbread a favorite, too, but I’ve never had hoecake. Mom used to make cornmeal pancakes and cornmeal mush I really liked. Sorry you don’t have your dog. Am surprised she wouldn’t stay out from under your feet. My brother had a cat he had a problem with. She’d lay on his foot, then he gently moved his foot forward and she’d slide across the floor. Apparently she liked the experience as kept coming back to repeat the event ever after — like a game she played.

Wisewebwoman said...

What a poignant and lovely post. Jamie is careful of her mama. Your balance is iffy and Callie mightn't understand. You miss her like I miss my Ansa.
I treasured my granny like you do and miss her unconditional love to this day.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Joared, a hoecake is just your regular cornbread, not baked in the oven but dropped by spoonfuls onto an iron skillet.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Is it possible that your Callie would learn to stay out from under your feet? It took a couple of days, but when I came home after my knee replacement Fuzzy, my little Pomeranian learned that he had to stay away as I was attempting to move around. I did have to correct him, and sometimes bump my walker on the floor to make noise at him at him so he would hear me and pay attention. When I was still using the walker, he could not do his usual maneuver of going past me so he could get behind me and follow me everywhere. He learned quickly how to get around behind me without coming near my feet, even if he had to go completely around back through the house. He is 13 1/2 years old and a bit set in his ways, and is becoming deaf, so if he is sleeping I have to make enough noise so he feels vibrations from me coming near him. We did have to take away some of his toys because he wanted to roll and toss them under my walker as I moved around. He was so excited to have me home from the hospital. And he thought it was an impressive game to throw toys under the walker. It was like a skill game for him, but a danger for me. The balls and some other problem toys are still put up. I am now toddling around the house usually without a cane unless the arthritis in my nonsurgical leg is acting up. He is back to safely following behind me in the house everywhere I go. We both figured it out.

Is there a way you could try having your Callie back home to see how she would do given at least two or three days time. She seems like a much calmer, more easily trainable dog than my Fuzzy Pom who still loves to spin around and be downright silly sometimes even as he nears 14 years old.

The hoe cake sounds like a good idea. I don't use my oven on these 95 to 100 degree days.

Take care.