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Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Memory Surfaced

For years I wore L'Air Du Tamps cologne
loved it
and daughter's would often comment on it.

Stopped using it probably 20 years ago.

When I moved to the woods my lifestyle changed in many ways
traded the designer clothes and briefcase for cowboy boots and bought a pickup (still, have it
and I love it)
Turned into the real me.....the dirt digger.

My Beth made a visit yesterday and brought me a small sample of this cologne said it reminded her of me.
I loved the small package with flowers on it
Do not know what store sells it and do not need but liked the package

My Jamie and youngest granddaughter also made a visit in the afternoon.

My knee is awful and next week not looking forward to having fluid drained off
but will make a difference in the pain level of the knee of this ancient one
that cannot tolerate surgery.


Mitzi said...

I have been having trouble with my right knee since December. Lots of tests, therapy, etc.First time Iwent to ortho, they drained fluid from my knee. Wow did that hurt! Also got a shot in my knee which did nothing for the pain. I am much recovered, but still not where I'd like to be. Have to take everything slower. Not happy, but learning to live with it.
I love reading your blog. You and I seem to enjoy alot of the same things.
Hope the days ahead are good ones for you.

Tabor said...

I just bought some cheap cologne the other day and took it with me on my trip. I just felt some need to wear something light and fragrant. Now, maybe I am going to go back to wearing something light and clean. I remember your perfume and did wear it sometimes!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Mitz, my knee is gone, pain surfaces and is unbearable. So the draining which is painful
will just be a patch - know you are not ancient like me :)
Tabor, years ago I liked something fresh and clean and for years now do not wear anything
but may start again :)

Rebecca said...

What a thoughtful gift!

kerrdelune said...

Ernestine, love the idea of your "clean" perfume and will look for it here.

I have just started taking a natural remedy with white willow bark, devil's claw and BiovaFlex, will let you know how it goes. The product is supposed to be an effective pain reliever, and I am hoping it will counteract the nasties caused by my cancer drugs.