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Monday, June 18, 2018

Orchids and Orange Cookies

Life by the woods continues peaceful
but seems I never stop.

Orchids love the old chop block this was not my choice for them but seems to be where
they grow the best with no problem.

New bloom of a sickly sale plant I rescued
this orchid beautiful and on sale 3 years ago, have to look up name and it has never bloomed again.
This is the bloom when purchased.   A beauty and so unusual.....
Online with information on this Orchid tells me it needs more watering then my other plants that I water once a week.   Also should re pot, keeping moist.
Now re potting is something I have  never done with my Orchids, since all are doing well
did not want to try this.

Unusual name "Papn. Raisin Pie" is the name of this unusual looking Orchid

Heat continues but determined later when it cools
to make "Nan's Orange Cookies" who writes from "Letters from a Hill Farm"
use many of her recipes.


Judy said...

Which window are your Orchids by.
North? South? Etc?
I don't have much luck.

Nan said...

I love the name Raisin Pie! I'm so happy you make those cookies, and other things!

Rebecca said...

I admire that you rescue plants! You obviously have a green thumb. I bet you'll figure out that orchod and coax a bloom out of her yet!

Tabor said...

I have never had luck with orchids. The last one got watered too much, probably by the young man that was taking care of my plants!! I find orchids such a mystery to grow.