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Friday, June 1, 2018


I wish I did not become so emotional when computer problems arise.
The computer is my communication with family and special friends.
It just shut down last night but thankful within 2 hours came back on.
No one available or super busy
but daughter Beth did try to help me and I thank her.

Rain in my area all week and hopefully next weeks prediction is true with sun all week.

Continual Emails from my daughter Laurie, all of her family and many more in Martha's Vineyard
going over last minute details of my grandson's wedding.  Baby Graham, made it great from N.Y
to Tampa and then on Martha's Vineyard

A not good night
and still in my pj's and this is not me,   In last 10 days a visit to ER,  my doctor has left her practice and the group she works for
are on 2 week vacation
so unsettles me.

Continue lowering my expectations about much
and standard regarding outside work............yet everyone arriving says how beautiful but this one
sees every weed and just has to look at it.  Garden help on vacation.  My vacation is here by the

So now have to stay positive and  keep goals manageable or I will crash.

Have to do this
and accept
life is different when you age

A month's refund that I payed for and did not stay is due from facility I stayed in January and February, difficulty in reaching them for March refund.
Hopefully I can handle this or may need help.


lil red hen said...

Oh Ernestine! How I do wish you could share your rain with us. Alberto passed right on by without so much as a drop here. Watering plants by hand just doesn't have the same effect as good raindrops.
Computers ~ they seem to do as they please. :) I haven't posted anything in two months and now hay season is ready to begin so it may be a while longer.

Joared said...

I surely do understand your emotional reaction to computer malfunctions. I get so exasperated, frustrated, angry, impatient and when I don't feel well or am tired my reaction is amplified. Wish we could have some of your rain as our state still short. Adapting to how our bodies change with illness, aging can be a challenge, but one everyone encounters sooner or later -- just can be different for each of us, I think. Hope everything going a bit more smoothly for you soon.

Bluebird49 said...

I wish you could get down in the dirt and weed, but you just can't, for your own safety! I gladly read your last two posts, and I love stuffed peppers, too, but seldom make them, it seeems! My husband never ate them, now won't even eat meatloaf, again subtracting from things to eat here
Oh well. I am lucky to have a mate, still. Most of the time!! 😇😇

Wisewebwoman said...

I wish I lived closer to have a cuppa with you. None of us are prepared for aging. I am trying desperately to accept my own limitations and I forget so often that the next day I am stiff and sore from over exertion. I hate needing more sleep as I love creating and writing and reading and there is never enough time to squeeze everything in.

With you always in spirit.


One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

wisewebwoman, you can do it....

Judy said...

If you owed the facility, they'd be on the phone every day demanding you pay. Trying to get a refund, works quite the opposite with them.
I was in such horrible pain all day Sunday, from all the walking I did Saturday at Grandson's wedding.
I never envisioned aging would be like this--painful.