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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Later in the Day

So very pleased to drive to market again today - solo.

Enjoying rereading my books about Tuscany.  A dream of mine that never happened, that's OK
when I reread these books it is though I am there.   I see the flowers, trees, taste the wine and olive oil, pasta, different types of cheese and special sauces
and all the special foods they prepare and are favorites of mine.

My son and daughter tell me, "always buy the best Olive Oil that is available."

Prepared stir fry, a simple quick meal.  Squash, bokchoy, celery, carrots, mixed greens, (probably more and simmered in olive oil along with piece of salmon, enough left over for Sunday meal.
A diluted glass of wine, crackers and some slices of imported Gouda Cheese.

Keep thinking of my Banana Bread and bought extra bananas and going to make,  It simple
and surely I can accomplish these 2 loaves and maybe I will gain a lb or two

I have missed my passion of cooking and am trying simple things

Miss items from Nashville and the Trader Joe's store ( as you enter the buckets of flowers)
Someone would have to drive me, pleased can do local but not in the busy city of Nashville- maybe soon it will happen, missing my special bread from the bakery , family would pick it up for me and now it  has closed :)

Love my country setting but big city has some items I like to use :(

Update on Shingles
they are still here on my face, ear and around eye on right side of face, just trying to ignore,
pray and meditate for healing and I am confident it will happen.

Painful but will not have nerve shots or take pain medication.....


Wisewebwoman said...

What great news you are cooking again. So very pleased.

Sounds like Mr. Shingles is leaving you, good riddance.


Judy said...

Why do Shingles take so long to completely leave? The virus must be deep in the nerves.
Glad you are becoming more independent--it makes us feel better.