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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Hot Days

Super hot days continue through June, July and August.  Inside a lot,,,
Morning walk
and seems a good size snack has taken up residency around the house,
last night resting on steps

I know he eats a lot of things not desired here, but still not attached to him or her.

Day lillies are blooming, they do not last long.

A long time since I made Jello with  fruit.  Refreshing in
this hot weather
an addition of pineapple, peaches and banana
was good...
Aging in place
still seems like a good idea
just a lot of maintenance here by the woods.

Seems I have not lowered my standards as my son suggested on his visit :)

Thank you to my Jamie
spending yesterday with me - a lot of errands taken care of.


lil red hen said...

I'm with you about the snake. I chased a black snake with the lawn mower one day while I was mowing. That thing could really move on!
We seem to be in a drought and the temps are so hot; my day lilies, and all the flowers in fact, are suffering from the heat. Water from a can or hose just doesn't give them what they need like a good rain would. Jello is a wonderful hot weather treat!

Tabor said...

The black snakes are gentle, mostly fearful and I saw a photo the other day of one eating A copperhead!

Rebecca said...

Thankfully, no snakes here (so far) but it is getting hot. Your blooms are lovely. Your son gave you good advice, I believe but SO easier said than done 😄

Pienosole said...

Your lilies are lovely. Here, farther north, they have yet to bloom. Thanks for sharing your photos. Stay cool. :-)