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Thursday, August 10, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to My Youngest Girl....

Birthday time
for my Jamie
my youngest.

I look at many pictures
and once again realize
that time has gone by so fast
and continues it seems
at a faster pace.

seems those braces stayed on forever

so tiny you were
born 3 weeks early at 3:00 in the afternoon

Girls changed your clothes many times a day and put ribbons in your hair
(over 40 years ago and I remember well )
Your brother and sisters treated you like you were a doll, they wheeled you around in their doll buggy.
Jimmy putting a helmet on your head and taking you for rides in his go cart.
Seems with the first 3 I was so careful - not with you as a house full of children - but
my sweet girl you survived :)

So many memories the time arrived where
 times of just you and me at the old farmhouse with all of the animals we raised
then you onto  college, graduation  and first job at Vanderbilt as an editor.....
I am so very proud of all of your accomplishments in this busy world
and especially of your two beautiful girls and your Alan, .look forward to seeing you and family soon and making your chocolate sheet cake and for the girls a lemon ice box pie - a busy Saturday doing what I
have always loved to do - but at a slower pace :)

love,  mama


Wisewebwoman said...

Her locker smile hasn't changed. Happy birthday Jamie, mama's baby!


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh my *lovely smile.


Pienosole said...

Happy Birth Day, Mom. My mother used to say that a child's birthday was also a mother's, and so true! (Today is also my birthday :-))

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Thank you

Judy said...

When my Best Friend's 30th birthday came around, I sent her mother a bouquet--in thanks for having her daughter. It IS Momma's day too!

joared said...

Lovely birthday greeting to your daughter and I send birthday wishes, too.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Judy and Joared, thank you