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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Feels Like Fall

Wonderful weather
was able to get a 8:30 dental appointment, seems another crown came off.
Since my dentist is  half way to Nashville and fortunate to have a driver we headed for Nashville.
(I no longer am comfortable driving the hour long drive in heavy traffic or the area's I liked to visit in years past) Not the Nashville I have known for almost 60 years, lived there for a while two different times
and liked it. Yesterday on the road viewing new buildings arising on every street, cranes high in the air,
traffic is horrible.  Many high rise condo's being built
 on property that was considered less then desirable
in past years.   Every inch of land is being built on, new restaurants, shops  on every corner,  I have the thought
where are all of these people arriving from.  I do know Nashville in the past  has been an economical location
but not anymore.  I believe many relocating from California, Foreign investors .  Past homes
 lived in prices have tripled and maybe more, taxes also.

Two small shops in a quiet area I wanted to visit and was pleased that I found what I was looking for
two large baskets to hold over 40 years of pictures, many past on to children and some now copied on my computer. Now images are down loaded from camera to computer - so easy and convenient.

Most of my pictures fit in these containers along with albums, some in another conainer also wanted a basket to place by
door when family visits, most take their shoes off
Spotted this wooden box and it looks like my rural cottage.
T.J.Max never disappoints me and good prices.

It is so nice when my son visits and go to many of the newer eating places.  Will have to wait until then.

While checking online yesterday saw a recipe for Corn Chowder and it reminded me of an old
recipe from my favorite Aunt Lucille, she past it on to me and noticed the recipe card dated 2003.
It is simmering on the stove with a few changes after reading the online recipe.
Lucille is where my Banana Bread recipe came from, enjoyed for years and my daughter's now bake.

Chopped potato, celery, onion, carrots are simmering
I reduce the recipe for me and enough for 2 days
when these are soft add a small can of drained cream corn
small can of regular corn that is drained
1 cup of milk
1 cup of shredded cheese
some garlic - s & p
and the main difference was
black beans and I added a cup

when done and serving
I add chopped bacon and a dollop of sour cream.

You figure how much you want to make
I add and delete along the way....

Corn bread would be good with this but do not feel like turning the oven on as the temperature is rising.
Smells so good and have corn chips and my sweet tea
and this is all I need.

Soups are so easy and nutritious for me and soon will be making several times a week.

Evenings I read, many of my old books, sometimes I do not read the whole book but look at all of the
many passages I have underlined and dated  - find it interesting.

My youngest daughter, years ago told me she did not like reading my books because they seemed
like my diary with everything I underlined, dated and sometimes wrote comments:)

Still weary today from busy day yesterday
just the way it is...


Rebecca said...

That's how I read books, too - underlines, stars, dates, short comments :)
Your corn chowder sounds similar to what I make (use a can of evaporated milk added to the water the potatoes are cooked in, etc. The BEST!

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, thank for visiting
corn chowder was so good
had not made in a while but will from now on
Good for Fall and Winter

Bluebird49 said...

I love that wooden crate and the "picture holder". You see until you instantly see what you want and need.
By your writing, I can tell you are a lady of grace and class---and spunk and courage---and love.

I always think of you as the lady who lives in a magical cottage in an enchanted forest---who still takes care herself by thinking of listening to her body (and her son!) and knows what keeps her going with a balanced plate.

I love visiting here.

Trudy in VA waving

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Oh Trudy, thank you for your special words this early morning
they are needed

Tabor said...

It has felt like fall here as well. My 6-year-old grandson is visiting and we will be busy this week with him. Biking and swimming. It is getting harder to keep up. Then we are onto a trip next week. Looking forward to the slowing down of true fall. Your food always looks so healthy and delicious.

Marcie said...

I love your photo baskets and the crate for shoes by the door. Those are things that I would pick out too. It feels so much like autumn here that soup sounds wonderful. I have quite a few ears of fresh corn from a friend (we don't grow any on our farm and always just get a big bag of local car when it is fresh.) I may have to make some fresh corn chowder! Thank you for the inspiration.

Wisewebwoman said...

So good to catch up with you. Great recipe and good to hear you're getting about. I love the baskets and the shoe catcher. I hope you marked me on your map.


My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Marcie, I used canned corn
WWW, sounds good when I write - but wondering about knee replacement
pain and balance horrible
Tabor, good luck..

joared said...

I would welcome a bit of fall, but we're in the midst of a three digit temps heat wave in So Cal. Recipes look delicious. I, too, like real books but need to sort through them. Parting feels like losing a friend as each prompts memories beyond the book contents.

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Joared, your words about books
so true...