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Monday, March 7, 2016

Oh Yes

My daughter's post

"At the end of a Spring day
 you should smell like dirt."

Margaret Atwood.....

Oh how
I agree

this ancient one at the edge of the woods
is ready for you.

Also another poem

Above all
Do not lose
your desire to walk
Every day I walk myself
into a state of
well being
and walk away from every illness

I have walked myself into
my best thoughts
and I know of
no thought
so burdensome
that we cannot walk away from it


So this one picked up her cane and walked on Sunday
and plan on doing this daily....

Where I now walk is different
no longer down the long gravel drive
and on the country road

Now closer to the cottage
where hopefully there is nothing to stumble on.

Another beautiful day is approaching
and what is different this Spring
are not the thoughts
of what else can I plant

But what else can I make easier to care for....


lil red hen said...

Yes, walking will be good to do each day; but DO be careful. Sometimes I walk in the woods, looking for rocks suitable for bordering my flower beds, and have to be very careful since there are lots of things covered by leaves. I tripped once and hit my face on a log. I'm afraid it would be a long time before anyone came looking for me. lol The foxglove photo is beautiful!

Marcie said...

Ernestine, Glad you enjoyed that quote I found regarding walking. I found it to be very true!

The Promise of spring is the encouragement we all seem to need at this time of year!

Wisewebwoman said...

"But what else can I make easier to care for...."

Oh I hear you my dear. I hear you.


Judy said...

Spring-like here too.
How wonderful the sun feels and the warm breeze smells!
I think we've made it through another winter, Ernestine, and there is something to be said for that!

joared said...

I, too, look for what I can make easier to care for.

Sandra said...

What a gorgeous header photograph. Anyone at all would love walking there. Happy and healthful walking to you!

Anne Brew said...

Dear Ernestine, I read your blog often and I'm so sorry to hear that you are struggling with mobility and pain. Walking in the fresh air can be a nice way to pass the time as long as you find it enjoyable. You can move around at your own pace and pause whenever you like. Maybe a few well placed solid seats ( placed by someone else! ) around the garden would allow you to walk and rest with more confidence. Take care my dear friend xxx

Rebecca said...

A cane is my companion, too.
I have "stolen" the Kierkegaard quote from you (and Marcie).
I shall depend on it for inspiration on those days when I don't "feel" like walking...