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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Morning After

first arrived
from N.Y, Washington, DC and Tampa.
So good to see everyone
they all looked so good and happy....
and I followed my therapist instructions
"smile, do not cry and take your medication before their arrival."
He asked,  "when do you feel the best"
and my answer "when family visits."

A wonderful visit, they had brunch so just put out fruit, nuts, tea, my special
cranberry, blueberry bread and wanted to put out cheese and crackers
but told this was plenty.

As they left for Nashville
I led the way to a talented friend
Jessica, my teacher granddaughter wanted to see the goats :)

Early morning
finished my late meal of yesterday
in the pan along with scrambled egg
my asparagus, salmon and a tablespoon of sweet potato - Good
and a slice of special cranberry, blueberry bread.

More of family arrive soon and a simple meal is planned.
offering asparagus, deviled eggs, strawberry shortcake, ice cream, tea and chips for my Amelia :)
daughter brought turkey BBQ, Cole slaw and at the moment cannot remember
something else :)

So nothing like years ago
with beautiful dresses, new sport coat, lace trimmed socks, patent leather shoes, Easter egg hunt
and church.
I was so proud of this family...
Much changes in time
so a brief sharing of this weekend.

Morning phone call from Thailand
and smile at another arrival soon :)

and it seems like this is a traveling family
with two grandchildren soon traveling to Columbia (South America)
and another one to Jamaica (oh how I want to return to this magical place
with so many memories for this one)

Seems something not working this morning
Pictures out of order :(


Wisewebwoman said...

Keeping it simple and lovely. Well done :)


My Journey To Mindfulness said...
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Sallysmom said...

So glad to hear you had company on this special day.

Pienosole said...

Happy Easter Monday! :-)

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

So glad you had a simple, peaceful and love filled holiday.

Your breakfast looks scrumptious!

Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

Marcie said...

I love your description of the simple family gathering. It may have changed in some ways from the past, but the love it there... the family togetherness. And, at the heart of it, that is what matters most. So glad your loved ones were there with you!

Judy said...

I couldn't help but think the same thing, when grand children came down to Easter dinner dressed in their blue jeans.