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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Day You Were Born

Tomorrow you become a teenager
and grandma wonders
how can that be
So many memories
over the last 12 years
and I need to stop looking at pictures :(
Makes me happy
and sad
as time is going by too fast.


Love you
sweet girl....


Anvilcloud said...

It goes so quickly.
Happy Birthday to your grand girl.

Judy said...

Goes by way too fast!

Sandra said...

Yes, those years do go by so fast. We need to treasure every moment!

Tabor said...

It is a cliche, but it is also painfully true. Yet, I cannot help but realize that the passage of time is our life, and without these fleeting memories we would have nothing to linger over and nothing to look back on.

Wisewebwoman said...

Happy birthday to your precious.

Life whizzes by.

My father warned me.

I didn't believe him then.

Now I do.


Sky said...

Oh, it all moves much too quickly now that I am older. I recall my mother telling me life would begin to fly by as I aged, and she was right. I cannot believe that half of 2015 is gone!