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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Very Warm Sunny Day

A day you do not go on the computer
but just now checked in to see if any emails from children or grandchildren.

Sent to me by my oldest daughter
her and soninlaw are visiting Washington, and spending time with their two and special ones,

A tour of the White House.

Love this picture I received
everyone so happy.

My smile for the day.

Plus young man picked up limbs for 3 hours in woods surrounding this cottage - lucky me.

You can tell
what makes me happiest
my family and a little help...


Rebecca said...

"My family and a little help"!
Your blessings keep rolling in.
The handrail (what I see of it) looks very attractive. And the lane! How wonderful.
I'm happy WITH you and FOR you.
A small piece of heaven you have out there...

Judy said...

So Heavenly to live in the country this time of year.

joared said...

All so lovely for you!

Pienosole said...

Wishing you a beautiful day! I'm listening to the birds singing as I enjoy a few minutes of mindfulness with a cup of tea by the balcony. :-)