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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A New Day

I see their beauty, but cannot capture with my camera's eye.

You have to eat, busy morning and always in the freezer Black Bean and Corn burgers.
So easy to warm with cheese on top, place on bed of mixed greens with some sliced carrots, radishes
and a few black bean chips with spoon full of Humus, ate 1/2 and the remainder in a few hours.
Knock at the door a little after 7:00, a little earlier then expected but desperately needed the help.
Teenage son of one who built railing.  Good, but had to stay with him pointing out much.
Living at the edge of the old woods there is continual clean up of branches and sticks so grass can
be cut. a few other things done and after a little over 3 hours took him home.  A quick trip down
country roads that in the past so familiar with and been several years since on these winding roads.
Made it, but was a little uncomfortable not wanting to get lost.

Waiting for results of another test.  Have learned much from my new doctor.  Never knew all of my
health issues probably began with Sjogrens 15 years ago.  Never heard of this and thought just dry mouth and eyes.  Not so it continues onward with arthritis, colon and bladder issues and onward.

My new local doctor, Dr. Teresa Williams is now part of MD VIP.   You can look it up online, it is a special practice with limited patients, you pay a yearly sum that is well worth it.
A doctor has never spent so much time with me as in this last month.  A total profile
of this one from doctors in the past, a clear picture of all that is going on with this body and will
probably continue.  So much listening she has done and kindness directed towards me as I have
spent some scary times in the hospital over the last couple of years that maybe could have been avoided when I knew nothing else to do and do not want to repeat.  (I was a patient of Dr. Williams
a short time in the past but stopped seeing her when she went to this new practice) Now I desperately need her wisdom and direction...

One difference is a regular doctor maybe has 5,000 patients and cannot spend much time with you
so much is not communicated between the two of you - this limited practice maybe 600 patients.
In past years I probably would not have gone this route, now at 82 and a lot of health issues arising I need this
attention and more direction.  Another factor is my children not near, frequent visits but they are busy with their careers and families.

I know in the heart it will not give me longevity but hopefully a better quality of life in time
left for me on this planet.


Rebecca said...

What an interesting medical option. I'm glad it's available to you at this time in your life!

Judy said...

What a great way to be able to communicate with a doctor!

lil red hen said...

It's so true; a camera just can't capture an image like the eye can. Your flowers are so pretty. Mine haven't had much attention this spring but are blooming as "wild" flowers. But now that the cataract surgery is behind me ~ watch out weeds!

It is nice when a doctor will spend some time talking and explaining things to us.

Wisewebwoman said...

So glad your doctor gives you time. Mine does but I don't like him as he never caught my disease in time he is dismissive and I can't connect with him.

Old age is not for sissies my friend and some days I scream too against the pain.


Tabor said...

We are so limited in our medical staffing down here and they mostly do not care about elderly people unless they are clearly in some pain or having a heart attack! I have to push my doctor with question after question!