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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Life at the Moment

New header my two youngest children out for lunch on Jimmy's visit here during March and April.
Youngest granddaughter.

I go outside,  walk carefully with cane in hand
sun is brightly shining
new blooms daily
and oh how I miss deadheading my lilies and bending over to pull a weed.

Some could not relate to my comment
but this one with a life filled with gardening
misses these simple pleasures.   But so much to be thankful for at this moment.
I miss my family but it is the way it is when you reach this stage of life and not possible
for them to be here with me more then they are.
I have never been needy, do not like sharing that it seems it is happening even with
all of my interests.
So much accomplished in the past through my joy of creating and thankful for being allowed to return
to this beautiful wooded surrounded retreat.

Thoughts return to emergency hospital visit.  Beth my nurse daughter was on the way, Jamie the
writer also but then a flat tire.   My Laurie, the artist in Maine and special son Jimmy in Thailand
where he teaches Yoga.
Now home but miss these 4 grown children of mine and 5 exceptional grandchildren, one in Washington, DC, New York and Nantucket and my two youngest in the big city not far away,

I do not like being limited in what I can do and very difficult for me to accept.
Driving, but not at the moment, Balance horrible and cannot fall,
do not like the cane but it is a must and so thankful to have a trusted driver (but when needed at time
911 call was made  - he was on vacation in Florida

I have returned to a  local internist, the best in this small city. and probably the best in many areas I stopped seeing her several years ago
when she became a part of MD VIP.
Thought I could not justify the cost.
Now I realize this will keep me healthier in my remaining years, in my special cottage and need the special attention
I have been receiving.
Hours have been spent with me this past week and have needed the advice given
but was trying to do it my way.

Sad that I have left my past health person, Sherry so kind and her nurse Peyton but seems I need a little more attention at this time,.

Seems I was not doing as well as I thought
and I must remember

"Nothing is permanent"

life is like a kaleidoscope
a slight change and all patterns alter

Sharon Salzberg


Rebecca said...

It sounds like you're being realistic re. your present, cherishing the memories of the past, and making good adjustments re. your future. Incidentally, the cane is nothing to despise! It has saved me from many a fall while recovering from hip and knees surgeries. I grab it cheerfully any time I know I'll be walking on uneven ground. Very thankful for it. ♥

My Journey To Mindfulness said...

Rebecca, thank for your online friendship - appreciated more then you know