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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Smiles and an Angel Delivers....

When my youngest granddaughter visits - she always makes me smile and feel loved
She loves putting on hats I wear in the sun.  I notice a few freckles on her face :)

An old picture abut 7 years ago, another hat on her head :)

Daughter Laurie in New York visiting granddaughter who is expecting in December,
this morning sent to me - makes me smile - an old picture, probably 22 years ago taken
on their visit to me at the old farm was on Jess's refrigerator, brought tears of this memory
and the fact that she put it on her frig - a visit to grandma's in the country - years ago...

Early morning a special angel pulled in the drive
I said, Lana it is so early and I am not even dressed, her reply as she handed me a package
"fresh cinnamon roll I made this morning, still warm for you."
and just made fresh Lemon Verbena soap - now this is my favorite.

To me she is an angel, eggs from her chickens yesterday....

Now what do you do for someone this special
I pray for her, love her, hug her, thank her and to me it seems not enough.


Wisewebwoman said...

Your smile must light up her day dear Ernestine. Thanks enough, you old trooper.

lovely photos of precious family.


Candace said...

How touching and sweet is a picture of what must be a cherished memory on your granddaughter fridge. Beautiful youngest granddaughter, so lovely that she visits you.

Judy said...

It IS enough. She gets such joy and pleasure from helping you that it makes her day!
We "olders" have such a hard time accepting without paying back in some way.
Just enjoy!! She's earning stars for her crown.