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Monday, June 5, 2017

Simmering on a Rainy Day

Calling for an all day rain, need to eat and spaghetti sounded good, have not made in a long time.

Ground meat, tomato sauce, onions, mushrooms all on hand and in the crisper 1/2 red and yellow pepper.
I have never seen these used but just threw in there anyway.  At the end, will sneak out in the rain
for some of my fresh Basil, garlic on hand and even a tiny bottle of white wine, will add all of that.
and grade some fresh Parmesan cheese on it.
So sounds tasty and hope it is.
I always keep ground beef, veal  and other ground meats in the freezer and freeze in 1/2 lb sections that are handy
for me to use for cooking.  Can use several if making a large amount.

Last week a friend stopped by and brought a slice of apple cake she had made and I asked for
the recipe.   Bake in a 8 x 8 pan and have the 2 apples and walnuts on hand to chop for cake.
Soon will make....


Judy said...

Now you have me craving spaghetti!!!!!!!! and Apple pie!!!!!!!!!

Sky said...


lil red hen said...

I wish I enjoyed cooking as much as you do. :) Meals are pretty repetitive around here.

Tabor said...

I have some leftover Italian sausage that I must guess it is spaghetti soon.