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Sunday, November 3, 2013

White Fields

Early Morning
dawn surfaces
looking out the window
heavy frost
white fields
last blooms
resemble ice sculptures

I smile at a dozen comments from one who's words
always are special to me - Ellen Hamilton.

Conscious of my warm heart as I continue to read my son's email with names of unfamiliar cities
and words
in his far off land, sharing of some of my granddaughter Sarah's visits to
Chiang Mai, Thai Island, Kon Lanta and the Linh Hotel.
A thought arises as I continue to smile
could I just book a flight and take off
even with cane in hand ?

I read something from Tricycle that explains much

Giving Rise To Forgiveness

~~Our suffering was not caused by our parents or grandparents.
It was merely passed down.  We are social animals.
We grow through modeling.
We teach what we have learned.
We act as we have been acted upon.
A person who is not loving
has not experienced love.
It is not his fault.

Realizing this gives rise to forgiveness,
and in Chin we vow that suffering will stop with us.
We Will Not Pass It Down~~ Guo Jun

I read this and realize that so much was missed in my early years from some.
But I vow not to pass it on and to practice love even to the unloving.
Never a day has gone by that when in contact I have not told my children, grandchildren,
 in the past their father or special ones then and now
" I love you"
So at times when these words did not come to me over the many years
or even now
I realize even more that some were not taught.

Enough sharing from the woods
as my day begins
A good day....


Sharon said...

You could book a flight and take off, cane in hand:) What an adventure that would be. Is there a family member or friend who would like to go with you?

The view out your window changes with the seasons, always lovely ~

Beverly said...

Sure you could can ride wheelchair in airports and then have your cane while visiting!! Sounds like a plan!
You sound like you are better!!! Hope so!

Aisling said...

Love your insights in this post and all of the gorgeous color in the previous post! I say travel, cane and all, if that is what you truly wish to do. I'm more of an armchair traveler most of the time, but love to do so for real when I can!

Tabor said...

Mr Guo Jun is very smart, because that is the thread of the world's problems. We move on in our own bubble and forget to try to see from the outside. I see people all the time traveling...with scooters, with walkers, with canes. Maybe on of your lovely family could go along?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Sharon, Beverly, Aisling and Tabor, I smile as I read your comments.
This lovely and caring family all busy working and involved with their children.
So - My balance is improving
hardly used the cane today.
Guess I have a very active mind and
happy for this - but I may just be an armchair traveler at this time.
Who knows - at the moment I do not.

Val said...

That is a really beautiful passage, and this is a lovely and inspirational post from you.

sandra hagan said...

cane in hand, seriously consider the trip.

Wisewebwoman said...

I love your thoughts and sharing today.

Much to nibble and muse upon.


madwomandancing said...

I'm so glad I could be part of your morning of white fields and inspirational thoughts and quotes. The quote you have offered speaks to me deeply. I thank you for that. I am with your other blogger friends: if you are up to the trip, why not? A friend of mine just returned from Greece. Her traveling companion was a woman with serious health complications. But, they both wanted to go, so they did it, and had a good time. Desire is the key, wisdom the foundation. You have plenty of both. Have cane/ will travel--in your own good time!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Val, Sandy, WWW, thank you.
Ellen, a special thank you again for writing a dozen comments as you catched up with my rambling.
No person available as a traveling companion
but who knows
it may happen and fine if it does not...

Sallysmom said...

Yes, you can travel. There are arrangements that can be made ahead of time for people who have issues. You should do it. You would never regret it.