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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Accomplished And 50 Year Old Memory

A good day
was yesterday...
A day at home
 inside all day
temperature dropping
I like a day like this
and with Winter on the way
there will be many....
Callie would go outside and quickly be back at door to come inside.

My growing to do list I began to tackle
Phone numbers of help and special
needs  upgraded and sent to children
Emergency numbers in purse - redone
A lot of typing went on this morning...
Sorting recipes
always a thought of making recipe book
but never had time
too many recipes, old and new
so putting in plastic sheets in binders
where daughter's and granddaughter's
can browse on visits and copy
if they see something they like.
Also 3 new future posts for my journal
have been typed and saved.

Looking out window I view a pile of brush
that was gathered Thursday.   One burned
and this one in the future on a still day with damp ground.
See what happens constantly when you live surrounded by old woods ?
A lot of outside work done on that day and was even able to use the
lawn tractor for over an hour.   Felt so good to work outside on what may have
been the really nice day left before cold weather continues.

Looking at weather channel
it came on about Kennedy's assassination.
Memories surfaced
as I was in a new home on a beautiful farm.
In my late 20's
my son a toddler at home, his sisters in school
and my Jamie not yet born.
I remember hearing this
as radio was playing.
Tears then and  again today as I listened to a replay at 12:30 noon.


Tabor said...

Love these photos and your rich and rewarding day. Are those brown squares in the upper left of that brush photo to stop squirrels?

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Tabor, I smile
this is my sign that hangs on a tree. Woodhaven it says
and I need to touch up the letters with paint ")

Judy said...

Amazing how we can quickly go back 50 years and remember so clearly. I think, we mothers with young children, felt the sadness and fear for our kids futures. And here we are today, fears for our grandchildren's futures. No wonder we are tired--we have lived a lot of changes and fears and hard times.

Aisling said...

I like those quiet days, tucked into the house, also.

Not for me today though. Internet is not working at home, and I had an online class to catch up on.

I am sitting at the library. Waves are crashing outside the windows of the library, which sits on an island of sorts. The wind is raging and snow is whirling past. Brrr. Can't wait to get back home and burrow in!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Aisling, sounds cold. Seems it to me in my surroundings and I think it is the wind. Do know I started wearing my long underwear tops under sweaters this week :)
Judy, we have a lot of memories
and time just keeps flying.
Take care of you - Please...

Sharon said...

You had a productive day. I am going to borrow your idea for recipes in sleeves in a binder.

Sky said...

i wondered about the dark brown squares in the photo, too. so your sign is positioned with one tree in front of it across the middle? i felt a lot of sadness, too, watching the kennedy documentaries. we were out of town and recorded some of them. those very young children and his young widow left behind. she did some amazing planning for his funeral and did it all so quickly - maturity far beyond her years. i recalled the sadness of the moment, where i had been at that horrible moment, the next several days of coverage, and watching the oswald murder, too. all of it surreal at the time. stay warm, ernestine!