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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Old, New And Easy For Me To Use

These are my favorite garden tools
 sprayed the handles red, handles have been
taped over and over again.
Shovel, hoe and 3 tin hand cultivator on a long handle
and no one is to use them
but me - because they were my first
and over 50 years old.  Recently sharpened
and extra careful using them.
Small rake, very old that was my mother's.

A basket filled with newer similar tools
for anyone helping me to use and also a new weed eater
which I can no longer use.  2 pair of loppers to cut

Battery always charged and ready for my small blower.
This is easier then using a broom and also use in garden.
My old shop vacuum is wonderful for garage and porch floors
and car and pickup cleanup.

A couple of old wheel barrows and my one gallon sprayer which
is easy to carry.

Could not work outside or inside without my ever sharp "Joyce Chen scissors"
mine are over 20 years old, always sharp and after losing another pair I have
red reflection tape on the handle. Always in my pocket when outside.
No one gets to use these but me...
 They are always sharp and can cut
anything, small branches, wire and sometimes use in the kitchen if cutting
up a whole chicken.  Will cut through bone in an instant.
I have a small kitchen knife (Joyce Chen) but for some reason the
scissors are easier and safer for me to handle.  Can order from Amazon.

   Also a special small pair of clippers - always extra sharp, great in garden
and also cutting small branches
 were my mother's.  Her small heavy hand held sledge hammer
 is a prize as I could not  - no way- swing a full handle size.
I can handle this hammer and recently used it putting stakes around
garden to hold boards upright.

Something new I do is save empty gallon bottles.   Fill with water
and pull into garden in my old little red wagon to water plants in pots.  Do this many times instead
of using hose.

Do other's have special old tools they love to use and will not share?
Probably so.....


Balisha said...

I have a tool that I use often. It is a Japanese hand hoe. I sit on my chair and hoe around small plants to get the weeds out. My daughter gave it to me for my birthday years ago.
I carry my tools in a bucket with a cloth liner. I keep a plastic bag in the bucket and put weeds and clippings in until I can dump them in my compost pile. I have everything in this bucket...even chop sticks that I might use to stake a small plant. Most of my tools are old and some might even be considered antique.
Nice to hear about other gardeners ways of doing things.
Have a nice day.

lil red hen said...

I have to share the bigger tools, but I wish I had a small building of my very own for the lawn mower, hoes, shovel, etc. Your garden reports are always of interest to me.

Sharon said...

We have one small pair of garden snips, one of the first garden tools we ever bought. My husband and I constantly trade it back and forth when we're working outside. We've considered buying another pair but haven't yet found another pair we like as well ~ funny how we get attached to certain tools.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Balisha, will have to look up a Japanese hand hoe, Charlotte and Sharon, :)