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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Foggy Mornings

Foggy mornings the last few days and wonder
what does it mean?
Makes me think of Fall and Winter.

I forgot that I planted you
and think it was 2 years ago.
Stopping at a yard sale
the lady of the house shared you with me.
You surprised me this morning
and you sure are beautiful
Many seeds scattered
and looks like only one made it
but Zinnia you are pretty
Finally in August
the Cypress Vine is starting to bloom
and I counted 13 blooms and more to open
on my Sunflower
A stop at the small town drug store for poison ivy medicine ;(
Of all places on my face.
I am very careful but so aware the woods
and sometimes garden has this dreaded plant.
Also it could be Callie
as she is outside most of the time and I pet her a lot.
Bathed her and washed all of her rugs
so hopefully some danger has been removed
of me getting it again.

While in this special drug store
decided to get in ice cream cone,
standing at the counter
in a few minutes I felt hands on both my shoulders
and a whisper in my ear "don't fall".
My cane was in my hand for balance
 and I quickly turned and smiled at
one I have known many years.
It was nice to be met
so warmly.

As I sit at my computer
and look out the window
it looks like rain.

A slow and peaceful weekend
is welcome...


Liza Pierce said...

Thought of you today. I so love it that you are continuing to write on your blog. You are such a blessing. Love, Liza

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Dear dear Liza, thank you so much for commenting. I write because you encouraged me to - 5 years ago.
Do you remember. Love you, Ernestine

Mary @ Colony Mountain Folk Art Dolls said...

I love a rainy day...perfect thinking weather!

Judy said...

The "Whisperer" must be a very tall woman or a nice man :-) I think summer will be back--not fall as yet. We are having the most gorgeous weather--and will continue into next week. It reminds me of the kind of summers we used to have--well behaved summers.

mel said...

Always wonderful to be greeted so warmly.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

What a nice trip to the store, but I am sorry to hear you have poison ivy. So uncomfortable and I hope the medicine has brought you ease and it doesn't spread.
The "foggy" photos are so peaceful.