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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Beautiful Nantucket and Special Visitors....

My middle daughter Beth
left very early this morning for Nantucket.
Visiting her daughter, my granddaughter
Sarah who is
working as a chef for the summer.
She wanted me to go with her
but with health issues
it was not a good idea.

So some photos I just received
Oh beautiful....
Enjoy this special time...

At noon, my Jamie and her family arrived.
We went to lunch in the country at an old school house..

A good day
and could not wait
and post tomorrow
did it today :)


Laura said...

Sorry you were unable to travel... the photos are lovely, you must be so proud. thanks for your warm comment over at my blog:-)

Tabor said...

I hope your health improves for some travel soon. Just a little travel...but looks like you don't miss out on much!

Sky said...

so sorry you did not feel that going with your daughter was a good idea. i would love to imagine you on a trip, enjoying the discovery of new, magical places. cape cod is so lovely, and i know you would love it - hopefully another time. enjoyed your post.

Balisha said...

Sometimew we have to listen to our bodies...when making decisions about travel etc.I know we have to.
Look on the bright had an afternoon with Jamie and her family. Hope it was fun. Tell us more about the restaurant and what you had to eat. Sounds like a place that I would like.
Have a nice day,

Cape Cod Kitty said...

So sorry you are missing Nantucket, but then you are a wise woman to know your limits.
Weather is beautiful on the Cape and Islands right now so they will really enjoy Nantucket. It is the peak of tourist season, though. I am sure they will keep you "with" them by sending you more great photos.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Laura, Tabor and Sky, thank you for visiting.
Balisha, this is a very old school house in the country - drive is so pleasant. Just like home cooked food. Nothing fancy, fresh veggies, homemade deserts.
The chicken the best I have ever tasted - fell apart and so moist.
Marcia, you live in a wonderland.

the wild magnolia said...

Happy photos!

Do hope you are feeling better!!