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Saturday, December 10, 2011


This post was written a little over a year ago.
Have started burning incense again
and love the smell.
Using healing incense and
am trying something new
a Tibetan Cedarwood Incense.
I now am using an wooden incense holder
instead of using a flower pot filled with sand :)
I loved that blue  flower pot and the bottom fell out .

Many times entering my son's small home there would be the most wonderful fragrance.

In the fall and winter he always burned incense.

This practice began in my home about 4 years ago.

Now that Fall has arrived in the woods - I love the scent of incense burning and find it comforting.

A wood burning fireplace is missed and guess this is something that has a woodsy scent.

Usually purchase a type that claims to have healing qualities and is made by Tibetan monks.

To capture a picture of the smoke rising was challenging.

A cold and very windy day. Some of the leaves surrounding the cottage are blowing away.

Chili on the stove and a new addition was used - my fresh basil.


Tabor said...

Sounds wonderful. I have never burned incense ... just scented candles. I keep reading about various foods on all these blogs and I am really getting hungry. My word verification is 'nogskin' and I certainly don't have a recipe for that!

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor, I have never used incense either - until I would smell the wonderful scent in Jimmy's home.
What I am burning is kind of woodsy. Is there such a word?
I cook so simple and this just seemed like a chili day. Also had the ingredients on hand.

Beverly said...

I have never burned incense....but sounds nice. I like basil in my spinach, veggie soup. I froze some after you mentioned that you heard it from Tabor.....

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly, finding the scent that is appealing to you is the key. Whole Foods sells some. I like a woodsy scent. Nothing sweet or like flowers. Especially this time of year. Yes, we learned something from our "Tabor". Sure is cold back here by the woods.

Sharon said...

Your home has a cozy feel inside, which is a wonderful contrast from the gorgeous expanse of woods outside. It's nice to move inside to feel warm and comfortable this time of year.

Deborah Carr said...

I love that you are gathering the things together that make you happy, that bring you comfort and peace.

lilalia said...

Lovely image. I can almost smell the scent.

One Woman's Journey said...

Sharon, Deborah, Lilalia - thank you for visiting and your kind words. Have a peaceful weekend.

Sky said...

back in my "hippie" days i burned incense quite a bit. i am still tempted to since i enjoyed it and see it in many of the indian shops (married to an east indian and love these shops), however i hesitate because i am now sensitive to fragrances. some seem to stir up bronchitis. what is the fragrance you are using - sometimes it is written on the package.

great photo to demonstrate the blog post. sounds pretty chilly there. we are 50 F at 12:40 pm. it won't get very warm here today. hopefully it won't drop too much - our furnace is acting up, and we have turned it off until a repairman arrives.

Renee said...

I for some reason love the smell of nag champa. I got my love of incense from my father who always bruned incense in our home. To me it's a comforting smell. I also too love cinnomon or baking scented candles. There is a mulled cider candle that I bought at one time but couldn't remember what brand it was. Scents link us from the past, present and future. Lovely!

One Woman's Journey said...

Renee, where have you been. I have not heard from you in a long time. Thank you for visiting.
I love the wooded scents this tims of year. Have a great day.

CopperCreeker said...

I used incense for a while until mom came to live with us (Alzheimer's) and scents bothered her. Sixteen months ago we had to place her in a care center and I am still trying to find myself again.
Thank you for reminding me of incense.

madwomandancing said...

You have evoked a beautiful picture, and I can practically smell the incense. I haven't burned any in a while, but I may go now and light a stick. It will warm me up and lift my spirits, as your words, themselves, always do.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Ellen, thank you...