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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Returning Home and Yellow Jackets

Two dear friends have returned to their home. First my beloved Sadie. When she passed away in the city almost a year ago her ashes were put in front of a small bench with St. Francis in front of it. I placed her collar around this small statue and I always see Sadie when I look at this bench.

Also the old table from England that I purchased 40 years ago has returned to my home. Circa 1780 and 10 ft long. It has been stored in my garage for 2 years. Because this table is so long I kept having thoughts that is was too large for this smaller home. My contractor cut almost 12 inches off the length. This was possible because the top was separate from the base. I trusted him totally to do this. Had thoughts of donating to a library but I am so happy that I can enjoy it for some more time. I smile as I view it because it fit right in and looks completely at home. Oh the memories this table brings to mind. All the special meals and special people that sat around this table. Many of these dear ones are no longer living. I put 2 chairs on each side and when the occasion arises will add the other 8 chairs.

I know a little more about Yellow Jackets at this time. A helper discovered a huge nest last week. Really Big - He put on a rain suit and sprayed and put gasoline in the hole. He was stung half a dozen times but did not make him sick.

I am so thankful that he discovered it and not "me" or my little granddaughters or any visitors while walking.

Enough news from the country on this beautiful sunny noon day. I might add that the 20 boxes that I vowed to take weeks to unpack - have been unpacked!!!

Entry from One Woman on her continued journey


Darlene said...

That's a beautiful table. I am impressed by how clean your shiny floor is. I am sure you are an immaculate housekeeper.

Yes, it is a good thing that the Yellow Jackets were discovered by someone else and removed. One of my sisters was stung all over her body when she jumped on a pile of lumber and disturbed a wasp nest.

One Woman's Journey said...

Darlene, thank you for your comment.
I have missed my computer so very much. The floors have a shinier finish then I wanted - but I like them. Take Care

luckyzmom said...

Oh, my, the table is truly a treasure.

As a young girl I stepped into a bees nest and the thought of that experience still makes me shudder. It is a good thing that you won't have to worry about anything like that happening to yourself or visitors.

Beverly said...

The table is a treasure. I like the way you have it placed in the room. So glad you are back...

Ugich Konitari said...

Coming here after a long time. And that surely is a great table you have. And like Darlene, I do admire the floor !

I sense that you are very much at peace enjoying your new house and the setting up of it. A contented mind has a lot to do with great health. Here's wishing you lots of it....and congratulations on a wonderful house!

Tabor said...

Everything shines so much in this you ever use it? Just kidding. Love the table.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly and Ugich - thanks for commenting. Have a great day.
So good - to be back online.

One Woman's Journey said...

Tabor guess I am just neat
also the home is new. Floor is shinier then I wanted - but I like it. It had to be done twice because of problem and think that is why it is so glossy. I am so excited about my son being home from Thailand and my two daughters, soninlaw and 2 little granddaughters visiting today. Have been cooking. Kitchen a mess!!! Hope to get some good family pictures. You have a great trip. I do not want to go anywhere!!!

Nan said...

Amazing table! And the floor is gorgeous. Do you have anything on the chair legs to prevent scratching the floor? So, so glad to see you posting often again.

One Woman's Journey said...

Nan, so good to have you check in.
Yes, I have felt pads under the table legs and also under the chair legs.