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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Busy Day For One Woman aka Mama and Grandma

She was up at 4:45 AM. Did not sleep well because Callie was on the screen porch and she kept thinking was anything being demolished. All was well.

She bundled up since it was in the 40's and walked her new friend around the house . First time she had been outside with all the outdoor lights on and she liked it.

Callie secured with cable on terrace and she was fine and seemed to like sitting on the steps.

She has to leave at a little past 7:00 for an appointment and traffic may be a problem.

The idea that Callie would be fine on the terrace she continued on her way.

Appointment and then a quick stop at the city cottage.

Why does this make her sad? I guess like the other 3 homes before this that she created - there is a piece of her in this home.

This home was the finest she created. Not the largest but a lot of details were added that were special. Her plans were to never move again and be close to doctors and hospitals and all the city offers. Also to be near children and grandchildren. She discovered quickly how very busy their lives are and much was not different then when she lived in the country.

A comment from the doctor today made her smile "you do not need to move to the city to be close to doctors and hospitals - you are too alive and healthy".

Her car is once again loaded with some household items and the rest of her winter clothes. She contemplates the one load of furnishings that are in this home but they make it look warm and inviting for viewers. There are a few!!!

She also put her much loved orchid plant in the car. It has been in her possession for about 12 years. It usually sports 16 to 18 blooms after the first of the year. Hope it will like its new home.

She does an hours work in her city garden - pulling up plants and deadheading.

Time to head back to the country. She contemplates stopping for a nice lunch but just wants to get out of the city.

Why such a peace when she finally reaches the country roads?

Callie, hopefully you are fine. Oh yes you are fine and have had a good time winding around a number of plants and digging in the mulch. You are so happy to see One Woman that I think for a moment maybe you have Jack Russel in your veins.

The only way I have been able to calm Callie is to sit and pet her, rub her head and ears and talk softly to her. She is almost wild. Is this happiness to see me - or what.

Trying to understand what is going on. I think she has never had any affection before and is starving for a kind touch. Well it is happening but I have other things to do also. She has finally started barking and will stop when I go to her. So hopefully this will end when she realizes she has a good home and someone that will love her. Also I think when she is operated on this will calm her down.

She was so docile at the shelter and her personality has really changed. If she had been this needy when I first saw her I might not have brought her home with me.

So - One Woman is tired. All clothes have been put up and she wonders how someone that has not bought anything for several years still has such a wardrobe. I think it is because she never changed sizes and in the past always bought quality items. Would shop at end of seasons and pick up things half or less of their original price. Also she has always taken care of her clothes.

Enough of this. I looked outside and Callie has finally given up and is asleep by the doghouse.

The doghouse was moved to an area where she will have sunshine, protect her from wind and she can see who is coming down the drive - plus I can see her from my computer window. No more putting her on my terrace. Hopefully after a week I will be able to let her loose. I do not know and I am aware that with her color a neighbor would think she was a fox or coyote and shoot her.

Guess, One Woman will warm up a bowl of vegetable soup that she made yesterday and her day is done!!!

A final note - Just brought Callie on the screen porch and fed her. She is so content on the rug by the door and can see me going about in the kitchen. I THINK - SHE JUST WANTS TO BE NEAR ME!!! Her personality has changed to very "calm".

Entry from One Woman


Beverly said...

Your day seems so wonderful to me. i wish I had your energy. You would enjoy the National Parks, beautiful scenery. Callie looks quite pretty.


You are creating a sweet life for yourself, lady!

One Woman's Journey said...

Beverly, I was so tired I could hardly sleep last night. Do not know if I have energy or not good sense!!
Lonely Rivers, thanks for checking in. This sweet life has been a long time coming - I am in the final chapters.

Balisha said...

Hi Ernestine..
Your Callie is a beauty. Just be patient with her...she needs some attention.How is it going with your city house? Have you had any good prospects?

One Woman's Journey said...

Balisha, thank you - Callie is a LITTLE CALMER. A few viewers in the city. The city home will sell when it is meant to. The only way I can look at it. I just go forward. Thank you for checking in and continued healing blessings sent your way.